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7 Characters who got superpowers from infinity stones

In marvel, many characters got superpowers from infinity stones, so let’s look at them today. Out of a total of six infinity stones, only three stones gave powers to characters in marvel. These three stones are space stone, a mind stone, and reality stone even though some of them got permanent powers while some got temporarily, so let us take a look at all of them today.

Jane Foster (Reality Stone)

In thor the dark word, we saw that when Jane touched the other, the other just went into her body as a host. Yes, we agree that she has not got control over the powers and a lot of powers. Still, it could also happen that in thor’s love and thunder, she would have got powers because of this. she still managed to get enough powers that no guard of Asgard was able to touch her even odin didn’t even try to touch her.

Scarlet witch (Mind stone)

Still, many people don’t know that scarlet witch got her powers from mind stone. According to the storyline, to help hydra, Wanda Maximoff took part in the program of experimenting on mind stone where they were testing the effects of mind stone on the human body.

Meanwhile, most of the people died in that experiment, Wanda survived it. As a result, now Wanda is one of the most powerful characters in MCU. Initially, it was represented that she had few powers, but after joining the Avengers, she had better control over her powers, and she was able to perform more things. Now in the upcoming Wanda Vision, we would see her more powers.

Quicksilver (Mind stone)

Pietro Maximoff, the twin brother of Wanda, was also the part of the same program as Wanda and joined hydra. Due to the experiment, he got super speed. In MCU, the quicksilver was killed by Ultron in its debut movie, so we’re unable to see advancement in the powers as we saw in Wanda. But there are hopes that we may be able to see Quicksilver in MCU in any way as the Disney fox deal is completed.

Ultron and Vision (Mind stone)

Yes, they are said together because they seem a lot the same, so we place them together. This started when Bruce and Tony decided that they could achieve Tony’s Vision to protect the world from danger from which they could not win with the help of Mind stone.

To perform this, they used Mind stone to make an A.I. from which they would do this. When it was completed, the A.I. performed its task by identifying the world’s most significant danger and realized its human, so it went on a mission to end humans, and this A.I. was Ultron.

Ultron realized that the body Ultron is using right now is insufficient to perform the task, so Ultron wanted to make a better body for him, a perfect Ultron. So he made a body of synthetic vibranium and powered it through Mind stone. Meanwhile, avengers take that body from him and upload J.A.R.V.I.S. in it, and as a result, Vision is made.

Captain Marvel (Space stone)

Even though captain marvel is a recently introduced character in MCU, she is currently the first character to get powers from an infinity stone, according to the timeline. When Carol Danvers tried to destroy Space stone in the explosion by luck, she got her powers from the blast.

Tony Stark (Space stone)

Yes, agreed Tony hasn’t got powers as mentioned above here, but he still got powers from space stone. As we all know, that arc reactor is the power source of Tony Stark. Without it, Iron man is not possible as in Iron Man 2; it was depicted that Due to palladium Tony was dying and created a new element this new element was designed by Howard Stark, and Howard Stark designed it through Space stone so indirectly, Tony is also because of Space Stone.

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