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When will we see Fantastic 4, Adam Warlock, Namor, Silver Surfer, and X Men in MCU?

The world of MCU movies is so big that it is impossible to happen that you keep one of your favorite superheroes; many people have their favorite superheroes. But there are many famous Marvel characters which we have not seen in MCU yet, but they are coming; there is the possibility of seeing in Marvel Cinematic Univers.

Today we are going to talk about the characters of MCU, such as Fantastic 4, Adam Warlock, Namor, Silver Surfer, and X Men.

Silver Surfer

The first character is Silver Surfer; the Tragic Story may be possessed by Someone Else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Norrin Radd means that the Silver Surfer gets ready to work for the Galactus to save his plant from the Galactus and, he finds empty and eatable plants in the entire Universe. Purpose of Silver Surfer to satisfy Galactus hunger.

Silver Surfer was first seen on screen in the 2007 Fox film Fantastic Four and Rise of Silver Surfer. Avengers Infinity War and Endgame were dying many rumors earlier that Silver Surfer would be in both these films, but nothing happened. Disney and Fox’s deal was finalized in 2019. Still, Silver Surfer will have to wait until MCU comes to Fantastic Four because the Silver Surfer story is related to Galactus. Galactus will have to interview MCU without the Fantastic Four.

Adam Warlock

In the Guardians of The Galaxy volume two from 2017, when we first saw Adam Warlock, many fans theory thought that was also one of the roles of Adam’s Wardrobe in Avengers Infinity War because Adam Warlock has a critical role in Marvel’s Infinity Comics. Still, we did not get to see anything like this. Recently Guardians of The Galaxy director James Gunn said that it is still not assured that we will see the Adam Warlock in the Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3.


Suppose you are a fan of Marvel Comics fan. In that case, it is not possible that you do not know Narmor, Narmor is one of the characters of Name and Marvel’s absolutely starting character, and in Marvel Comics, when Narmor and the Human torch fight with each, The same movement says that when the Marvel Universe was created, the Narmor of the rights is the same as the recent Hulk problem.

In 1990, the rights of Hulk And Narmor were bought by Universal, but in 2014 the president of Marvel said that Name and they had got back. However, it is possible that Marvel is still there only screen right and distribution right had Universal, there were also many rumors of Namor that we were getting Black Panther Two has the Narmor as a villain that can be seen. In April this year, the Avengers Endgame was co-writer by Christopher Marcus in the film about an underwater Earthquake that could reference Narmor.


After Disney and Fox deal, many people felt that x-men would be introduced to MCU very soon, and how can we forget that fans’ theory we heard before the Avengers Endgame that X-Man would also give us an introduction. Nothing happens, and not one of Marvel’s projects of phases four is related to X-Man. In the 2019 interview, Marvel’s President Kevin Feige said that all of phase four projects were decided before Disney and Fox’s deal, but Marvel Studio recently cast Evan Peters in Wanda & Vision, and this is the same actor who played QuickSilver in X Man’s movies, so maybe Quick silver gets a little early to see in MCU.

Fantastic Four

If you are a fan of Fantastic Four, you must have believed that not a single film of Fantastic Four has done justice to Fantastic Four, and the fans of Marvel Comics know that MCU without Fantastic Four as the same as DCU without Batman and Superman. Marvel studio has not made any announcements related to the Fantastic Four, but it will be seen whether the Fantastic Four will see us for the first time in its own solo films or another storyline.

An exciting fan theory of some kind that the Fantastic Four will introduce in Ant-Man and Wasp three and that too in the Quantum Ram. Where Hank Pym Wife Janet van Dyne but I feel that for the coming few years hardly any Marvel movies we will get to watch Fantastic Four even if Fantastic Four is late. Not a problem, but this time the Fantastic Four, should be better than the previous film, at least that much we expert from Marvel.

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