Is Shuri Smarter Than Tony Stark? Tony Vs Shuri: Who is Smarter?

Tony Stark

At age four, he built his first circuit board, and at age six, his first V8 engine, and at age sixteen, he made two robots name TUM U and TUM V. he wins the price. He built the robots in his father’s workshop at stark industries. When he is in high school, he heck the pentagon, after that he made his first arc reactor when he is attacked in Afghanistan. he built an arc reactor with some parts of missiles and other extra features. He builds his arc reactor in a cave that’s the main point and identity of genius. When he comes into power, like owning a stark industry, he builds many weapons for his company after that finally, he created Ultron in 2015. It is the most significant and dangerous invention of his life.


Shuri is the Wakanda design group leader, and she made vibranium contents, remote control kimono beats, sound absorbance speakers, panther habit suit, empty disk, sonic spears. She removes the words from the baggi that hydra installed. We all know about the Avengers Infinity War in the movie Thanos is after mind stone. If Shuri gets more time, she can save the vision and emanate the mind stone.

So, we all know about the age of tony stark and Shuri. It is obese that tony stark has more experience than Shuri. He also respects all intelligent people like bruce banner, etc. on the other side, Shuri is a teenager with less experience but confident and too arrogant. She says tony stark is a moron because he made Ultron. Ultron is very dangerous.

She doesn’t respect other intelligent people like her. Well, we all know about bruce banner(HULK); he is also smart as tony or Shuri. There is a conflict between bruce and Shuri because bruce’s thinking is very high. He cannot fulfill his thought because of the lack of technology and another side Shuri. She surpasses the bruce banner because of Wakanda’s technology. She can do anything that she wants with technology.

Tony stark is born in a wealthy family, and his dad Haward stark, is also a brilliant man or scientist. So tony is advancing the technology in his world. On the other side in Wakanda, their technology is far beyond imagination like. As compare to tony’s world Wakanda has futures Shuri has a plus point on her side then she makes her technology better than before. On the other side, tony has less advanced technology, but he invented his best creation, THE IRON MAN SUIT. So in intelligence, Shuri created a grid, but as compare to Jarvis. Grid is nothing. Jarvis is more advance than greed.

Tony also made Friday just like Jarvis. Tony stark has a very advanced system that hacks any regular or government system with one click. After iron man two, tony stark achieves the same technology level with hard work; he reaches a very high level compared to Wakanda’s technology. He also invented a new element, and this element can control infinity stone power and snap it. And at last, his most significant invention time belt in avengers Endgame. he also made a new metal for his suit metal name is gold titanium aloe.

He made new metal because he doesn’t have the vibration for his suit. We all know about the sonic blaster that Shuri made in the Black Panther movie compared to tony. He already made a sonic blaster in the civil war movie, and his sonic blaster is good. About nanotechnology, tony is working on since 2016, and at last, he finally shows nanotechnology suits in the infinity war movie. Shuri also made a black panther suit, and she updates the cases. She made an attack absorb update in a black panther suit, and by drinking, the attack suit is recharge.


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