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Dune Shows WB Learned Nothing From Zack Snyder’s DCEU

Zack Synder DCEU has given a lot of learning to people and industries such a WB. Still, they became unsuccessful in grasping the insights.


From the beginning of the Warner Bros series and their movies, they have come a long way, as their films are well known for boldness and clear visions.

Still, some mistakes tend to happen when we fail to learn something important from life lessons. Let us have a look.

The Controversy

I BET You Never Noticed these Hidden Details in Zack Snyder's Justice League

Who does not know Zack Synder in this era backed by the superhero movies and fiction based series, his directing, vision, and attitude in personal and professional life are commendable.

After the projects such as Man of Steel, other projects of Zack Synder are lined up in which he will be the most highlighted actor.

With Zack Snyder’s in Justice League, WB failed to learn some lessons without fully committing to the creative vision and other specific commitments.

According to the boiling news in controversy, it is said that WB granted the director Denis Villeneuve 165 million for the project, which is entirely unjustifiable to say because you really cannot spend such a heft amount for the directions.

There have to be intelligent moves and healthy coordination between the production and direction to keep up with the flow.

It is one of the areas, i.e., “Facilitative Decision Making,” where WB is lacking right now. There is no doubt that in such a significant amount, ‘Dune Sequel” could happen, but WB does what it seems to them.

After the success of the movie “the trilogy,” Nolan selected Zayn Snyder for directing the movie, among which Zayn Snyder also moved further with the projects such as Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Aqua man, and other related films or projects.

Warner Bros’ most excellent of all time movies have come working with super-efficient directors such as Nolan, Tim Burton, and Zack Snyder, who had worked with WB diligently.

Dune Shows WB Learned Nothing From Zack Snyder's DCEU a
Dune Shows WB Learned Nothing From Zack Snyder’s DCEU a

As we are human and are unbound to make mistakes, directors like Zack also made some slight mistakes in the past as their decisions regarding the release of some movies caused high voltage drama and even some ratio of losses.

However, WB learned nothing from such mistakes of Zack Snyder and made the same mistakes in Dune.

WB is still somewhat unaware of the drastic effects that the flop of movies could serve as the budget itself for the first movie is massive, and if WB movies fail ahead in the same manner, will they be able to recover from it.

Still, there are minor changes that the empowerment of the offset cost savings would work somewhere and save the boat of WB.

WB was previously scared with the performance of Zack Snyder’s movie that if it won’t go well, what will be the harm?

However, the film became a pretty influential one, and it was a mere surprise for Warner Bros.

Even films like the original Blade Runner got poor reviews and underperformed at the box office and are now considered required viewing. In the case of the DCEU, Warner Bros. was scared away from Zack Snyder’s plan because of reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Dune Shows WB Learned Nothing From Zack Snyder's DCEU a
Dune Shows WB Learned Nothing From Zack Snyder’s DCEU a


Indeed, Dune performed well in the theatres. Nevertheless, The terms are pretty well in that WB has to deliver the best to the audience by doing the right kind of due diligence and rightly executing the deliverables.

It will empower them in the future with a hefty amount of profits and reputation in the industry.

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