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Lookism Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled + Release Date Predictions 

Lookism Season 2, has Netflix renewed it?

In 2014, the Line webtoon website and the app were launched, allowing readers to browse unlimited web comics and novels from all genres.

Fast-forward six years, the Webtoon became the largest extensive library, with more than 5 million readers a week and 35 million readers a month.

Amidst the many offerings from the house of Webtoon is the platter called manhwa, i.e., South Korean comics and print cartoons whose popularity has grown massively in recent years.

With the advent of Line Webtoon and the increasing fandom of manhwas, anime adaptions have become more frequent, with series like Tower of God and Solo leveling featuring in the list of high anticipations.

Many popular production studios have begun investing in manhwa anime adaptions which have also seen big streaming sites like Netflix come into the fray. 

Speaking of Netflix and manhwa adaptions, writer and illustrator Park Tae-Joon s’ Manhwa drama series Lookism is the latest in line to hit the big screens.

Lookism is a term used to refer to the positive stereotypes, prejudice, and preferential treatment given to physically attractive people or, more generally, to people whose appearance matches cultural preference.

Lookism follows the story of high schooler Park Hyung Seok(Daniel Park), who is unpopular and looked down upon due to his obese appearance and harassed every day by fellow schoolmates.

He constantly argues with his mother and, as a result, gets transferred to a new school in Seoul. Before his new beginning, Park wakes up to a new muscular, tall, and handsome body which changes his perception of others. 

His body is switchable by waking up the sleeping, as when the body sleeps, the other is in use. He transforms into the handsome Daniel during the daytime and his original body during the night.

Lookism follows the dual life of Daniel Park, wherein he realizes the discrimination faced by his obesity and the special treatment due to his good looks.

Lookism season one was received with mixed reactions as some fans seemed to enjoy the anime s’ subject while others called it a wasted potential.

Either way, Lookism had its takers who were wondering and even petitioning if and when will the Lookism Season 2 would be released.

Keep scrolling to find the answer as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Lookism Season 2.

Lookism is rated #7.5/10 and ranked #1490 with 46k members on MyAnimeList 


Source by Netflix

On 25th September 2022, during the Netflix Tudum event, the Lookism anime series adaption was announced, and Studio Mir was confirmed as the production studio.

On 26th October 2022, Netflix Anime’s official Twitter account released the Lookism Anime trailer and confirmed the Lookism Anime season 1 release date as 4th November 2022.

Additionally, the Netflix Anime official Twitter account also revealed a key visual for Lookism Anime Series.

 However, the horrific events in Seoul during Halloween, wherein 156 individuals lost their lives and 151 were hurt, caused the Lookism anime premier to be postponed to 8th December 2022.

This was the biggest accident in the nation’s history during peacetime. The accident happened during a crowd rush on Halloween night in the South Korean capital during one of the year’s most crowded festivals. 

The Itaewon neighborhood, famous for its active nightlife, was overcrowded with more than 100,000 people. 

During the mourning period, shops closed, and TV programs were cancelled during this time as a sign of respect. An investigation remains ongoing, with many blaming the lack of police presence at Itaewon.

As of writing, there is no update from either Netflix or studio Mir on the renewal of Lookism Season 2.

Lookism Season 18th December 2022
Lookism Season 2Yet to be announced

Production studios consider various financial and consumer metrics before announcing a renewal.

Speaking of studios, Studio Mir has an excellent relationship with Netflix, having worked on The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, the latter of which continued for three seasons.

The anime s’ first outing was also ranked #10 on Netflix Anime s’ Global Non-English Top 10 ranking.

Furthermore, there is more than enough source material, which is the original Webtoon for Lookism Season 2, and if we glance over the IMDB s’ user episode review, it clearly calls for a renewal.

Lookism Episode 16.6
Lookism Episode 27.0
Lookism Episode 37.1
Lookism Episode 47.3
Lookism Episode 57.0
Lookism Episode 67.0
Lookism Episode 77.2
Lookism Episode 88.2
Source: IMDB

While the reviews and ratings were mostly positive, there was one major criticism against the anime s’ adaption which betrayed the source material s’ character design and gritty style.

Fans were mostly excited when the anime adaption of Lookism was announced and even more pulsed, knowing Netflix was licensing it as the streaming platform allowed to display the dark world of Lookism.

Not only the protagonist Park Hyung Suk looked more western with blues, but the brutality was significantly toned down.

Characters have much nicer looks, and fights are violent but not as visceral as the original comic depicts them. The colors are also bright and vivid, while the Webtoon mostly features black, brown, and greys.

Nevertheless, Lookism seems to be on the right path to being green-lit for renewal. Considering the production begins in the summer of 2023, we can expect Lookism Season 2 trailer and Lookism Season 2 release date by the winter of 2023.


Source by Netflix

Lookism Manhwa was written and illustrated by Park Tae Joon and began publication in Naver Webtoon in November 2014. As of writing, Lookism manhwa has been collected into 19 volumes and 394 chapters, with the manhwa still ongoing.

Currently serialized on LINE Manga and Naver WEBTOON, Lookism has a staggering 8.7 billion views globally. 

Lookism Manhwa is rated 7.91 and ranked #895 with 34k members on MyAnimeList.


_ Lookism Season 2 PLOT
Source by Netflix

In the final episode of Lookism season one, “Wall,” Hyeong-Seok is sympathetic to Duk-Hwa, who is similar in appearance to Daniel but more determined to express his rapping skills.

He becomes good friends with Duk-Hwa and Jin-Ho, and the trio shares their bullying stories and how Hyeong-Seok helped him in dangerous situations.

Basco overhears their conversations and asks them to validate the truthfulness of it since he presumed Hyeong-Seok was also a bully.

The Jaewon Festival begins with fervor, and Hyeong-Seok has done his practice in his new and improved body.

Hyeong-Seok sees Choi Soo-Jung and goes over to greet her, but the latter shrugs him since she doesn’t know who Hyeong-Seok is as she only knows Daniel Park.

Jong-Geon is her makeshift body, and he prepares to hit Hyeong-Seok but is interrupted by Basco. Jong warns Basco to move away, but the latter asks to remove his glasses, to which Jong punches him.

Before things get out of hand, Choi Soo-Jung stops the fight, and consequently, Basco admits he can’t beat “glasses.”

Hyeong-Seok and Duk-Hwa begin their song “Fly Up,” and the crowd loves it. Duk-Hwa breaks into his rap and is received with loud euphoric raptures as everyone is stunned by his talent.

After the performance, a music label representative offers Hyeong-Seok a record deal while ignoring Duk-Hwa, who he states can get by on his own.

But Hyeong-Seok, unwilling to betray his friend, declines the offer and decides to stick with his friend, who is already on a bus back home.

Hyeong-Seok and Duk-Hwa s’ performance went viral as it crossed 100k views which were seen by K-Pop sensation DG. 

The scene shifts, and we see Choi Soo-Jung listening to Hyeong-Seok s’ singing and wondering how he is singing Daniel s’ song.  

We get a massive reveal as the camera pans from Choi Soo-Jung s’ face to the bed, and her second body is lying asleep, indicating she also has plus size version similar to Hyeong-Seok.

The episode ends with a montage of Hyeong-Seok s’ pictures featuring his new friends and older body as he leaves the room.

The first season covered 27 chapters from the manhwa, which means the second season will pick up from chapter 28, i.e., Paprika TV Arc.

Duke, Zoe, and Yui begin live streaming as Zoe gets stalked by an obsessive fan meanwhile, Zack saves Yui from her abusive boyfriend.

Lookism season 2 will answer the many questions that season one left behind, mainly the secret behind Choi Soo-Jung s’ double body and will she find out about Hyeong-Seok s’ older body.

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Source by Netflix

Lookism is directed by Kwang ll Han, and the music is composed by Kyung Hoon Han. Woo Lee is directing the art while the OST of the Lookism anime series is sung by famous K-pop singer Ateez. 

Animation is produced by Studio Mir, and Lookism Season 2 will be on Netflix once it gets renewed.

You can find the Lookism characters and voice cast below:

 Daniel ParkYoshitsugu Matsuoka
 Zack LeeWataru Urata
 Euntae Lee (Vasco)Shunsuke Takeuchi
 Vin JinDaisuke Ono
 Duke PyeonTsuguo Mogami
 Zoe ParkSaori Hayami
 Mira KimNatsu Yorita
 Crystal ChoiReina Aoyama


Source by Netflix

Netflix and studio Mir will certainly renew Lookism for a second season, but when; only time will tell.

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