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So in this, I am telling about spiderman and spider-verse. Well, spiderman character was famous in 2000 when his first film came (SPIDERMAN-1). This movie makes a good collection of box office record on that time then its next sequence came SPIDERMAN 2 and at last SPIDERMAN 3 and this trilogy was the best trilogy of spiderman series.

When the director of AMAZING SPIDERMAN 1 started to film the movie, they add some new elements in the story, like they show story little dark and also in AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2. Well, the story is the same as the first spiderman movie, and the amazing spiderman is going well then strangely the deal of SONY and MCU is done with spiderman character. So the amazing spiderman storey was not continued such an amazing spiderman three was not completed.

So now we are talking about Tom Holland as a Spiderman, from here MCU takes the lead to spiderman, and the first movie is Spiderman Homecoming. So its story is not so good because the first movie is famous because of ironman and they showed spiderman as a teenager. The story of spiderman is going well, and then Spiderman Far From Home is coming we were expected so many things with spiderman far from home.

Still, in the movie, there were some new elements added like new black spiderman, and then new spiderman suit with new feature and also Edith, it was the central element of the story in spiderman far from home. Well, we can see that spiderman character is maturing so in its next sequence is going to exciting. And also he was going high school to college in the next movie and there we can get a good storyline and also they can also cover a spiderman’s past.

Now we talking about Spiderverse, well its best example is Spiderman Into Spiderverse, well in this movie the whole story of spider verse is covered well in MCU this is not going to happen. Because there are many rumours about like one of the events of Doctor Strange can show in the movie well there is so many chances of Deadpool shown in the film Spiderman 3 and also doctor strange. Well in comic Deadpool character is also adjusted in so many places and even in the movie, Deadpool showed in marvels movie.

After that, the Doctor strange role in spider-verse, and MCU takes an old character from old movies like Electro from the Amazing Spiderman 2 and the universe of Venom and Morbeous both are connected. They are shown in the spiderman universe when Multiverse is coming spider-verse is also confirming, there is a rumour about that in MCU spider-verse is shown early in the movie. Spiderman 3 movie is basically filming on bases of Spiderman Sinister six, in that movie we can see Vulture, Scorpio, Dr. octopus, and also Sandman.

There is a big rumour about sandman going to John Cena because he is very suitable for sandman role. Well, there is also a big rumour about a goblin that Harry Osborn takes the place of the goblin, and the concept of a goblin is very different. The role of Harry Osborn is taken from the amazing spiderman, yes he is also shown in spiderman as a harry. So there are so many things that pointed towards spider-verse.

Well about the role of Doctor Strange role it stars from Wanda Vision where Wanda changes so many reality in the multi-universe and doctor strange come and try to stop the Wanda. He failed, and the concept of multi-universe is continued in the movie of Doctor Strange Multi universe of Madness where we can see Lockey and so many other characters.

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