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New Avengers

Hello guys, today I am going to telling you about the new avengers of MCU, and these super heroes are confirmed in the movie.
So our first super hero is MS. MARVEL and Kamala Khan is performing the Ms Marvel Character. Guys this series will be launch in 2022, or maybe 2021 and the power of Ms Marvel is very cool like she can stretch her hand, legs, and other body parts she is a shape shifter.

So our second super hero is Shehulk, she-hulk is a hulk sister because due to some reason hulk have to give his blood to his sister and his sister is also become Shehulk. Still, she is very kaam and stable then hulk and Shehulk’s tv-series is also confirmed on last year and also it will launch in 2022 or 2021, and Elesan Bree is cast for this role.

So our third super hero is Mighty Thunder and Jane Frost is performing the Mighty Thor character. So the mighty thor is a girl and she becomes mighty thor when she has cancer and also when thor becomes unworthy for his hammer then jane is cames and hold the hammer and take into her hand then she becomes worthy for the hammer.

She becomes mighty thor and also when she has cancer she is still helping people, and her will power is extreme, and that’s the reason she able to hold the hammer and worthy for thor’s power. Well, Thor Love and Thunder movie is also coming in 2021, we will see the story of jane frost how she becomes mighty thor and meets with thor.

So our forth super hero is Deadpool, well we all know about Deadpool how he very cool and funny, and also strong super hero and Deadpool 1 or 2 is already came. This is also fixed that Deadpool 3 shoots under MCU and Deadpool 3 movie is going to very interesting and super cool. There are so many chances of a new character that can be shown in the Deadpool 3 movie and there is a big chance of mixing with multiverse and because of that unique character can also be shown in the Deadpool 3 movie.

So our fifth super hero is Monika Rambew, well Monika Rambew is that girl who is shown in the captain marvel movie and recently in Wanda Vision trailer. The good thing is she gets her power, and now she will become a new super hero, and she has Energy manipulation power. It will go to very interesting how she fight with Wanda with her new power.

So our sixth super hero is BLADE, yes he is the same blade with a new phase, and Mahesha Ali is going to the next edge. We all know how first blade movie is very famous and this movie is also have a good story and great action. The blade will release in 2023.

So our seventh super hero id Kate Bishop, we will see kate bishop in hawkeye’s new tv series there we will see how hawkeye train kate bishop to become new hawkeye. There is a big rumour that hawkeye’s daughter also becomes next hawkeye. Well, this rumour is wrong there is only kate bishop that hawkeye trains and after that she will also join new Avengers\So our eighth super hero is Stretcher, she is a daughter of Ant-man and Casey lane is performing that character.

Well in the avenger endgame she is a teenager she is also shown in the Ant-man three upcoming movie, and she also becomes like her father. She has the same power as Ant-man.

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