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Most Shocking and Funny Moments About MCU

So the first shocking movement is from Avengers 1, death of Finn Colsan. Well, Finn colsan character is shown only in avengers one movie or in tv series of an agent of shield Finn colsan is resurrected from death. Lowkey killed him in the avenger’s movie.

Well, he is the main reason to combine the avengers before his death avengers are separated and fighting each other. After his death, they combined together and made avengers team to fight villains.

So the second shocking movement is from Thor Ragnarök When thor realize that he can not defeat his sister Hella, so he summons Surter with the help of Lockey, and when Hulk sees the surter he jump to his face and attack him, and Thor is made looks.

So the third shocking movement is from Avengers Age Of Ultron, well before avengers age of Ultron all know that no one can hold Thor’s hammer. Still, in avenger age of Ultron when vision is created, he has the hammer, and that’s the shocking movement for all avengers and fans.

So the fourth shocking movement is from avengers 1 when lowkey is talking to Hulk, and then Hulk beat him like a mad man.

So the shocking fifth movement is from the guardian of the galaxy vol.1, death of Yondu. Well, it is very shocking news for fans because he is a very cool character in the film and this character is shown only in two films. Well in first movie Yondu is shown as a bad character like as a thief, and he raises star-lord as a thief, and in second part Yondu is shown as a good character, and he is securing the star lord from his birth.

So the sixth shocking movement is also from the guardian of the galaxy vol.1, the dance of star lord, it’s like he saves the world by dancing, because of his dance they can able to defeat the Ronan.

So the shocking seventh movement is from avengers endgame when ant-man came from quantum renal. Well, the main point is a Mouse starts quantum renal because of mouse ant-man able to come back from quantum renal.

So the eighth shocking movement is from iron man 3 when iron man movie is coming to its end Nick Fury is shown, and he asks to iron man to join the Avengers team, and this is the best shocking movement for MCU fans.So the shocking ninth movement is from spiderman far from home.

Well we all know that identity of super hero is very important for there ordinary life style in the movie spiderman far from home spiderman identity is revealed. Misterio reveals the identity of spiderman, and he fulfils hate rate among the people for spiderman.

So the tenth shocking movement is from iron man 1, at the end of the movie when the iron man is calling for the press meeting he revealed his secret identity by his own. He is the first hero who reveals his identity by his on, and after him, many super heroes identity is revealed like Hulk, Thor, etc.

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