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Top Secret Facts About Thor from MCU

So the first fact is about ORDIN. Well, ORDIN is not 100% god; he is god because his father is a pure god, but his mother is a god. She is a frost giant; that’s why he, not a full god.

So the second fact is about ORDIN’S EYE, we all know that ordin has only one eye. What about the second eye? His second eye secret is related to Mjolnir,

so the story is comics is when Mjolnir is welding it takes some sacrifice for his full power to the user, so ordin gives his one eye for Mjolnir welding.

The third fact is that ordin can talk any language to any person in any world he knows all kinds of languages, ancient or modern.

So the four facts are about Hella, well we all know that Hella is the daughter of Ordin and sister of Thor and Lokey according to a film that is shown but according to comic Hella is the daughter of Lokey and she is helping Lockey to face thor’s and Ordin power he can not meet their ability alone, so Hella help him, and she can travel through time she is also a goddess of death she is also help Lokey in the war. She can also create elusions to confuse the enemy. She is the first female villain in the movie.

So the fifth fact is also about hella and Thanos; well, here is shocking new that Thanos is like the lady of death to impress her Thanos eliminate so many people from the world and planets well this is all given in the comics. She is also working for Thanos to conquer the planets she is also a half-dead woman.

The fifth fact is about Lokey; according to the comic, Lokey is a woman in the comic, he has two children, and in one story, he is a permanent woman and can take any face he wants, and his body is fireproof. He manages his body size just like an ant man. He can be big or small.

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