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Zack Synder’s Justice League Snyder Cut is finally going to hit the HBO MAX IN 2021. The audience went for a lot of petitions, hashtags supporting the original version of Justice League.

Before making Justice league, Zack Synder has made films like Batman vs. Superman, the man of steel, etc., but it was the only man of steel that got hit at the box office. It all started in 2017 when the marvel cinematic series started making one by one hit movies with records.

Whereas the movies of Warner Bros of DC extended universe were failing to survive. Usually, the animated movies made by DC are dark, whereas marvel movies are lighted, funny, which eventually attracts a huge audience.

This started a problem between Zack Synder and Warner Bros regarding their creative difference.
Zack Synder was a fan of DC, and he has already planned about DC in his brain. Still, the problem was that Synder wanted to keep the original feelings of DC movies, but Warner Bros were afraid that if they are going to do this, then again, their movies are going to get flopped, and this created a conflict between them.

According to the plan, Zack started his shooting for justice league, but at the last moment, he has to quit the project because of some family issues. But hopefully, he was done with the maximum shooting of Justice League; only editing was left.

After Zack left the project, Warner Bros picked the director of Avenger Jack Whedon, and they re-shooted so many parts of Justice League with the hope that this movie would rock in the box office like the marvel series.

Because of the different visions of two directors regarding the same storyline and the involvement of the Warner Bros, this movie failed like anything! Even though the film earned money, but there was a great disappointment in the audience and fans. So the fans started blaming the management of Warner Bros.

Zack said that originally he had different plans for this movie. He also has shot a maximum part of it, which provoked the audience to go for a petition demanding the release of Zack’s Original movie with #thesnydercut. They started demanding this in 2017. Even a rumor started spreading that nothing like Snyder cut ever existed, and even if it existed, Warner Bros would never release it.

But in 2020, Zack announced that Snyder cut is real, and it is almost ready, which would be released on HBO MAX.


According to reports, there are so many scenes that make it a unique movie-like. The Justice League’s theatrical release length was around 2 hours, but Zack claimed that his original cut was around 3.5 hours. Even some believe that the un-cut version of this movie is more than of 5 hours. Maybe HBO is going to release this as a 4 hours long movie, or they are going to cut this into 6 mini-series.

But this isn’t declared officially. It is believed that Snyder’s movie is ready, and just some effects and editing are yet to be added. Even, it is heard that some parts of the movie may be re-shouted as both Zack and Warner Bros aren’t interested in taking any further risk. Thus, they are going to give their best input into this movie, and they have planned to release this in 2021.

The biggest thing in this movie is that we are going to see a detailed background of every character present in the movie. Even there are chances that the stories of the characters like Superman, Lois Lane, Cyborg, Flash, etc., are going to change completely.

Like the Superman would get alive, and he would be visible in his iconic suit black instead of blue and red. Earlier they have planned to shoot three movies of Justice League in which Superman would have been found in his black suit, but in the final movie, he would have entered it heroically with his blue and red suit.

But nobody sure about this!

The main changes are going to happen with the main negative character Steppenwolf and mother boxes. Even there is also a role of Darkseid, which was explained in Zack’s original cut, but Warner Bros completed ignored it. From this, one can assume that why this movie is going to be of 6 hours. The biggest change in the movie would be visible in the climax and end credit scenes. But three movies of Justice league isn’t possible so Superman might change his suit in this movie only. Let’s hope for the best!

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