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Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 10: Magnificent Mitsuri Saves Everyone

Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 10 teases Mitsuri s’ super strength!

The penultimate episode of Demon Slayer Season 3, titled ‘Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji’, was a fun watch.

Not only did we witness the strength of the love Hashira, but we also got a glimpse into her backstory.

In the previous episode, Mitsuri made a dramatic entrance to save Tanjiro from getting crushed by the wood dragons and was all ready to battle Zohakuten.

Before we get into the review, FYI, Ufotable has confirmed that the final episode of Demon Slayer season 3 is scheduled for 18th June 2023 and will be 70 minutes long.

With all that out of the way, let s’ check out how the Love Hashira fare against the Upper-Rank Demon in this recap of Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 10.


Source by Ufotable

After saving Tanjiro, Mitsuri accuses Zohakuten of causing harm, and she will retrieve Genya and Nezuko from him.

The demon simply replies, “Shut Your Mouth, B*tch,” and states that only one person can give him orders.

Mitsuri is completely dumbstruck by the demon s’ response and wonders how he can use such a word considering he is the same age as her brother.

She also thinks that a demon s’ look is reflective of their age.

Zohakuten attacks Mitsuri using ‘Crazed Cry of Thunder Death,’ but she slashes the lightning with her own Love Breathing, Third Form: Cat Love Shower.

 She leaps into the air and warns the demon that although he looks like a kid, she will not tolerate it anymore.

Writer s’ Thoughtswhile some can find Mitsuri s’ personality annoying, her ribbon dancing fighting style, coupled with her whipped Katana, is beautiful to watch.


Source by Ufotable

Tanjiro is stunned by Mitsuri s’ speed as he is unable to track her movements which are too fast for his eyes.

He also compliments the swordsmith who made her bizarre-shaped sword which is highly flexible and possesses high bending ability.

Zohakuten attacks with wind blasts, but Mitsuri evades it, and, using Love Breathing, Second Form: Love Pangs, she slices one of the dragons.

Another head sends a thunder blast, but using Love Breathing, Sixth Form, and Cat Legged Winds of Love, once again, she cuts through the attack.

The demon notices her speed, and he sends all five dragon heads in her direction using Blood Demon Art, Countless Striking Trees.

Although questioning herself if she can handle the attack, Mitsuri using Love Breathing, Fifth Form: Swaying Love, Wildclaw obliterates all the dragon heads.

Out of nowhere, she changes direction and wraps her blade around the Demon s’ neck.

Writer s’ Thoughts: one can’t get enough of seeing Mitsuri s’ blade in action. 


Source by Ufotable

As Mitsuri draws close to Zohakuten, Tanjiro reminds her that killing it won’t make a difference since it’s not the real body.

However, it is too late, and when she appears to slice his neck, the demon blows her away with compressed Sound Waves.

Mitsuri survives the attack and lands on her feet, leaving the demon stunned. He wonders if she stiffed her muscles before she endured the attack.

He realizes that the girl isn’t ordinary and possesses special features. 

He also relishes the prospect of eating her quality meat which would enhance his strength and approach to punching her brains out.

Writer s’ Thoughts: Hashiras are strong, but wouldn’t it be better if they went into a fight knowing the enemy s’ abilities rather than jumping straight into the battle?


Source by Ufotable

We cut back from the battle to a flashback wherein Mitsuri is a man who is unimpressed by her hair color and wishes they don’t pass it on to the children.

He wants Mitsuri to forget about the marriage arrangements and consequently was rejected at the age of seventeen.

Mitsuri was physically strong from a young age, as she was able to lift heavy stones worth 33 pounds.

She was much loved by her parents, who also took care of her massive appetite. Her father pointed out her bone density which is extraordinary from other people.

But as she grew older, Mitsuri noticed the difference between her and other girls. 

She contemplates whether she will ever be a bride, but her parents state that she can liver them forever.

Mitsuri dyes her hair black and starts to appear weak, but while on a date with another man, she doesn’t feel correct about trying to be someone else.

She questions if there is someone or someplace where people will appreciate her for who she really is.

Writer s’ Thoughts: unlike Muichiro s’ flashback, it’s hard to feel sorry for Mitsuri, considering she has a loving family and can physically stand up against grown men.


Source by Ufotable

Tanjiro, Genya, and Nezuko grab Mitsuri and take her out of the incoming Zohakuten s’ attack.

Tanjiro urges Genya to get her out of danger as she is the light of hope and the best chance to beat Zohakuten.

Mitsuri gets emotional as the trio carries her into the woods, which the demon labels as ridiculous.

The demon attacks with a massive thunder blast which blows away a section of the woods as he wonders if he got the demon slayers.

As the smoke clears, Zohakuten is stunned to see Mitsuri, who has easily slashed away her attack.

Mitsuri begins waving her flexible blade and apologizing for messing it up despite being a Hashira. 

The teary-eyed love Hashira expresses the importance of the Demon Slayer Corps in her life and consequently will not let her comrades die.

Writer s’ Thoughts: the savior-needs-saving cliché, but we are not complaining.


Source by Ufotable

In another flashback, Kagaya Ubuyashiki lets Mitsuri know that she is a special person and that people who do not like her are just envious of her abilities. 

She also thanks her parents for giving her a strong body and expresses gratitude to the Demon Slayer Corps for appreciating her true self.

Additionally, she receives a gift in the form of striped socks from the serpent Hashira, Ogbanai Iguro, who promises to get her new in case they get torn apart.

Cut back to the battlefield, Mitsuri rethinks how she wondered if it was okay to be strong because she was a girl and realized that she suppressed her strength out of fear,

Mitsuri tells Tanjiro, Genya, and Nezuko to start looking for the main body while Mitsuri deals with the others.

Writer s’ Thoughts: is there something between Mitsuri and Ogbanai? Only time will tell!


Source by Ufotable

As the trio runs into the woods to search for the real body, Zohakuten tries to stop them with a dragon head, but Mitsuri intervenes and cuts it on the way.

The demon feels that Hashira s’ speed has increased and notices a mark like a demon s’ crest underneath her neck as he wonders if it has been there since the beginning.

He is infuriated about her presence as she is why he can’t send dragon heads in the demon slayer s’ direction.

Writer s’ Thoughtswhile Zohakuten is incredibly strong, there is a bit of naivety toward his battling approach


Source by Ufotable

Tanjiro senses Hantengu s’ presence and finds him wrapped under a tree. Genya closes into the tree and attacks with his blade, but the tree tosses him along with Tanjiro and Nezuko in the air.

With no options left, Genya eats the tree and cuts through the trunk as it falls down.

Tanjiro attempts to cut the tree, but the branches appear as whips to stop them. Nezuko using her blood demon art, sets the tree on fire, prompting Tanjiro to slice the tree with Dance of the Fire God: Flame Dance.

But Hantengu escapes through the forest floor and states that he hasn’t done anything wrong in his entire life.

Then Genya angrily rips a tree from the roots and throws it at Hantengu. The result only failed to hit Hantengu accurately, and the episode ends with Nezuko emerging at Hantengu.

Writer s’ Thoughtslet us not kid ourselves and start having any sympathies for Hantengu. The demon may be a coward but deserves to be chopped off by the demon slayers.

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Source by Ufotable

Demon Slayer Episode 10 was good enough to showcase the potential strength of Mitsuri. Although there were some brief flashbacks to her past, expect more to follow in the finale.

Once again, Mitsuri s’ flexible pink blade cutting through wood dragons had us on the edge of the seat.

Zohakuten is yet to reveal his true powers but with Hantengu running for life, he might just go all guns blazing.

All in All, Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 10 was short and sweet as it sets up perfectly for next week’s finale of The Swordsmith Village Arc.

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