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Reason why Marvel is Successful?| motivation

In this world of face pace, the life was going in a regular speed when the movie directors thought of revolutionising the film industry. So, they invented a term and a character superior to the normal heroes and to make film industry onto the next level. Superhero- yes you heard it right. A superhero character was introduced to give a glimpse of hypothetical world.

As the name suggest super hero is any character which posses more power than a normal hero. But advancement in the powers of heroism also forced the directors to introduce more stronger villain which help in gaining a lot more attention into the film industry. People start following super heroes and villain and a new era of these characters started into the film industry.

Now the children have many more ideas to think upon the powers which one can possess. Either the power of flying high, staying under water, going in space, more muscularity, invisibility and many more. Marvel industry change the thinking of everone by introducing super hero of every field. A normal human when bitten by a spider was transformed into a person which posses the ability of a spider knows as spider man.

A scientist during experiment get into the gamma rays and gets a new structure of an stronger human by the name of hulk. An engineer and technically rich person develop a suit which is made of iron and is capable of doing anything either it be flying, fighting, diving into water and much more also known as the iron man

. A war hero got a shield which is strong enough to save him from any possible impact and learns new skills from it, later knows as captain America. A god of thunder which carries a weapon known as the hammer which have its power of thunder causes devastation and saves many lives also knows as thor was a famous character holding many hearts too.

Another scientist working on macro biology discovers the ant bio system and converts him into a small ant size human which can do anything with more power and smaller size known as the ant man. Another fighting tycoon who develops steel iron nails from his wrist fights and kill everyone who comes in his way. This hero was known as wolverine.

Most famous character of almost everyone was a doctor who got in an accident and to recover from that went into a monastery where he studied about healing of body and dark powers beyond normal world. He could control life and can create a time loop. This man was known as the doctor strange. A power magician or time traveller or doctor or scientist or a fighter he could be anyone.

When the series became again of a similar type a comedy hero was the need of the hour so Deadpool was introduced into the series. This guy was immortal and had a funny accent of everything. His way of living changed everything. Now as all the powers were improving these heroes couldn’t have a similar body or design so different colour techniques were introduced to give them an unique look.

For instance, spider man was given a colour scheme of red and black, hulk was introduced as green colour, doctor strange uses a cape of red colour and black over coat to give him a unique identity, iron man designed his suit in red, grey, black colour. At present every super hero has his unique identity might it be with his powers or his colour schemes.

The colour combination used into the films were not only limited to the film industry but also became an essential member into the life of their followers. Now as the heroes were gaining attention new villains came which make the heroes to compete someone with their level or sometimes above them.

Villains were always placed above the super heroes so that suspense and thriller scenes keeps in the movie and audience constantly bite their nails and praying for the survival of superhero and as per director direction the results were never dissatisfying. Heroes have always the hearts of their fans and stood above the expectation giving this industry a totally new makeover.

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