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Official Announcement: The Witcher Season 3 Cast Include New Characters

The Witcher Season 3 cast announcement has been made, which talks about including four new characters in the Witcher World.

The Witcher Series has become a popular franchise, which is based on the books written by a Polish author, Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher Series on Netflix is basically an English version of the Witcher books, which was appreciated a lot by the audience. The Witcher Season 1 focused on setting up the plot and introducing the characters to the world. The Witcher Season 2 entailed the journey of Ciri and Geralt, together with building on a new father-daughter relationship.

The main three characters in the Witcher Series are – Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher monster hunter, played by Henry Cavill; Yennefer of Vengerberg, a powerful sorcerer, played by Anya Chalotra; and a child surprise, Princess Cirilla of Cintra, Ciri, played by Freya Allan. The Witcher Season 3 is adding new faces to the list of characters in Witcher World.

The Witcher Season 3 Cast: Four New Faces

Two weeks ago, The Witcher Season 3 entered the phase of production, and Netflix has planned its PR strategy announcing the new cast of Witcher Season 3 around the process of filming. Here are the new faces witnessed in the Witcher Season 3.

Meng’er Zhang as Milva

The Witcher Season 3 Cast Include New Characters a
Source by Witcher

The confirmed new character and the actor is being added to the Witcher family, Maria Barring, also known as Milva, will be played by Meng’er Zhang. Manager Zhang, a Chinese actress, was in the recent Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings, in which she plays the role of Xu Xialing, Shang-Chi’s Sister.

The official character’s description is, “A human adopted by the dryads of Brokilon Forest, Milva is a fierce and talented huntress. Exact archery skills coupled with a stone-cold aptitude for survival make her a formidable adversary in the unforgiving Continent – those that cross her, do so at their peril.”

Christelle Elwin as Mistle

The Witcher Season 3 Cast Include New Characters a
Source by Witcher

The character, Mistle, is a short-haired girl who was one of the members of the rats mentioned in the Witcher books. The addition of this character was quite unexpected because Mistle entered the books a little late. The role of Mistle will be played by Christelle Elwin, popularly known for her work in Bloods (2021).

The official character’s description is, “Mistle is a member of The Rats, a gang of misfit teenagers who steal from the rich and give to themselves – and sometimes the poor. She is street hard, suspicious of everyone and out for revenge, until a chance meeting that will change everything.”

Hugh Skinner as Prince Radovid

The Witcher Season 3 Cast Include New Characters
Source by Witcher

The fans would be very excited to hear that Radovid himself is going to enter the Witcher Season 3. Although Netflix’s version does go a little off the books, so in this, Radovid isn’t Vezemir’s son; instead, he is his younger brother. From the audition tape, we’ve figured out that the Witcher Vezemir has a younger brother, but the brother being Radovid seemed surprising. Radovid will be played by the actor Hugh Skinner, who is known for his work in many movies like Poldark, Fleabad, etc.T

he official character description given by Netflix about Radovid is, “Royal playboy and younger brother to King Vizimir, Radovid finds himself suddenly a man on the inside of the Redanian Intelligence. With his good looks and drunken charm, Radovid amazes with how incisive he can be in political affairs, but it’s all games until someone gets hurt.”

Robbie Amell as Gallatin

The Witcher Season 3 Cast Include New Characters
Source by Witcher

A new character, Gallatin, an original one revealed out of the four, isn’t entirely new as it’s said to be. The character description feels similar to another character, Isengrim, and one more. Gallatin can be an amalgamation of both these characters, or it can be a new one, and there can be a chance to see Isengrim too. The role of Gallatin will be played by Robbie Amell, popularly known for his role in Resident Evil as Chris Redfield.

The official description of Gallatin is, “A born fighter, Gallatin leads an army of guerrilla Scoia’tael fighting on behalf of Nilfgaard. Unafraid to speak his truth, Gallatin’s loyalty to his people ultimately leads him on a collision course with Francesca over power.”

Apart from these four mentioned characters, The Witcher Season 3 cast will include others too, which are – Jim Sturgeon, Safiyya Ingar, and Sean Cernow. The Witcher Season 3, including a lot of new characters, would be surprising for all of us with the new adventures of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer. Stay connected with us for more exciting and updated news about The Witcher Series.

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