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Prison School Season 2: Why it Won’t Happen? [Update 2023]

Prison School Season 2 is too good to be true!

Few animes are always in demand despite making their premier more than half a decade ago. 

One such series is the anime adaption by studio J.C. Staff of Akira Hiramoto s’ manga series, Prison School, which hit the small screens way back in July 2015.

The plot follows five friends, Kiyoshi Fujino, Takehito “Gakuto” Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Jouji “Joe” Nezu, and Reiji “Andre” Andou, who are sent to Hachimitsu Academy for disciplining.

Hachimitsu Academy is considered one of the strictest girl s’ academies in Tokyo, and ignoring tradition, it has decided to admit boys in the system.

During the first semester, the five boys are split and unable to communicate, they decide to push the boundaries by peeping into the girl s’ bathroom.

However, their plan is decimated when the school s’ infamous Underground Council catches them and sentences them to a month in the prison block.

The boys are incarcerated in the Prison Block together, and Kiyoshi is overwhelmed by the discovery that all the other boys are masochists who revel in the punishments handed to them.

 Can the five friends survive the prison school and atrocities done by their attractive but vicious supervisors is the central plot of the show.

Prison School Season One was massive however, since its conclusion, fans have been wondering if there ever will be a second installment or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Prison School Season 2.

Prison School is rated 7.6/10 and ranked #1395 with 983k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS The Prison School SEASON 2 release date
Source by J.C.Staff

Prison School Season One aired from 26th October 2015 to 21st December 2015 for nine episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from studio J.C. Staff on the renewal of Prison School Season 2.

Prison School Season 126th October 2015
Prison School Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production Studios consider various financial and commercial metrics before announcing a renewal.

As mentioned earlier, Prison School Season One was well received by the fans and consequently became one of the best animes of Summer 2015.

Financially, the franchise grossed 22 million, ranking as the 15th best-selling anime manga franchise in Japan in August 2015. 

The 17th volume of Prison School peaked at Ninth on the weekly Oricon manga list, and in June 2015, the 18th the volume of Prison School peaked at 10th, charting for two weeks.

In December 2015, the manga series also charted as the ninth top best-selling manga by volume count in Japan.

The manga was already popular, but the anime put it in separate brackets sales wise, by 2018, the manga had 13 million copies in circulation.

Also, considering the genre of sex comedy isn’t mainstream like Shonen, the financial numbers are overwhelmingly favourable to a renewal.

So, the real question is if the manga sold in big numbers and the anime was also popular, why has studio J.C. Staff renewed for Prison School Season 2?

There isn’t a specific answer to that question, as multiple theories/reasons have been floated around within the fandom for the lack of a sequel.

Studio J.C. Staff is one of the biggest production houses and often works on multiple animes every year, leaving little time to produce past series sequels.

Another theory many believe has to do with the mangaka, Akira Hiramoto, who didn’t expect Prison School to blow up and had high hopes for his second manga, Me and The Devil Blues.

Prison School is a laid-back gag sexual comedy however, Me and the Devil Blues has a serious narrative tone with its Historical, Psychological, and Supernatural elements.

Hiramoto most likely expected Me and The Devil Blues to receive an anime adaption, which it didn’t hence, probably out of frustration, the writer went on hiatus and only returned to complete the story when Prison School anime finished airing.

The final reason is accredited to the manga s’ ending, which many fans were dismayed by as it made no sense in its final arc.

All in All, whether it’s the studio or the writer, there is no motivation nor desire to shovel out a sequel.

Hence, expecting updates on Prison School Season 2 trailer and Prison School Season 2 release date could be a pointless wait just like the past seven years.


Source by J.C.Staff

Prison School manga is written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto. It began serialization in Weekly Young Magazine on 7th February 2011.

The manga has been collected into 28 volumes, with the latest issue released on 29th October 2019.

Prison School was among two winners of the Best General Manga award, alongside Gurazeni at the 37th Kodansha Manga Award in 2013.

As of June 2021, Prison School has sold 13 million copies for volumes 1-28.

Prison School manga is rated 7.4/10 and ranked #2934 with 132k members on MyAnimeList


Prison School Season 2 PLOT
Source by J.C.Staff

Prison School Season One and OVA covered till Chapter 89 of the manga which means Prison School Season 2 if it happens will begin by adapting Chapter 90.

The girls have been assigned manual labor in the Prison Block and are struggling tremendously. 

Hana’s complaining about the work, and Mari is straining herself, Hana and Meiko want to help, but not only does Mari stop them, but Risa also stops them, saying that they have to do their own work and leave Mari alone. 

Elsewhere, Andre and Gakuto are helping Mitsuko carry some boxes; when they arrive at their destination, Mitsuki bends over, and her upskirt causes blushing from the two boys. 

Back at the Prison Block, Mari finally collapses and gets yelled at for it by Risa. Risa starts beating on her for not listening, but Meiko protects her, begging for the three of them to be given a break. 

Risa says that if Meiko licks her shoe clean, they’ll be permitted a break, but the two of them start fighting instead, instigated by Meiko. 

It looks like Meiko’s going to win at first, but the part of the uniform that was covering her ass begins to rip, and she gets distracted, allowing Risa to get free from Meiko’s legs. 

Risa eventually wins as Kate shows up. Risa is about to continue punishing Meiko, but Mari begs for forgiveness, and Kate says that if Mari gets on her hands and knees and begs for forgiveness, then Meiko will be forgiven. 

Hana later comes by them and witnesses Mari begging for forgiveness on her hands and knees, as Kate thinks to herself that she will take everything from Mari.

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Source by J.C.Staff

Prison School is directed by Tsutomu Mizushima and scripted by Michiko Yokote.

Characters are designed by Junichiro Taniguchi, and the music is composed by Kotaro Nakagaa. 

Animation is produced by studio J.C. Staff, with Maki Morio serving as art director.

You can find the list of Prison School characters and voice cast below:

 Kiyoshi FujinoHiroshi Kamiya
 Chiyo KuriharaChinami Hashimoto
 JoeDaisuke Namikawa
 Hana MidorikawaKana Hanazawa
 GakutoKatsuyuki Konishi
 AndreKazuyuki Okitsu
 ChairmanKeiji Fujiwara
 Shingo WakamotoKenichi Suzumura
 Mari KuriharaSayaka Ohara
 Meiko ShirakiShizuka Itou
 Anzu YokoyamaYō Taichi
 Kate TakenomiyaAmi Koshimizu


Source by J.C.Staff

Despite over seven years since its premier, the demand for a sequel is still there, but due to the studio s’ lack of motivation coupled with the manga s’ ending, Prison School Season 2 won’t be happening.

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