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Marvel Confirms Yinsen Was The MCU’s Real Founding Hero (Not Iron Man)

Yinsen’s unseen role has a lot to say about Marvel’s strategies.


Have you ever emphasized different roles played by people in our lives, wherefrom every other person that we meet has a good amount of opportunity to learn new things through experiences and excel in life?

However, the sadistic truth that we are often delusion zed is that the unseen characters that play a role in our lives are not worth giving a chance to offer even an iota of consideration.

This article will eventually reflect the role of underrated character Yinsen played in Marvel’s What if series.

Yinsen and Marvel’s What-If

Marvel Confirms Yinsen Was The MCU's Real Founding Hero
Marvel Confirms Yinsen Was The MCU’s Real Founding Hero

The Marvel’s What If series casts a lot of its influence from modern-day Cold War battles and struggles with international terrorism. One such dominant villain in the series is Doctor Doom, i.e., Yinsen.

He is an immensely powerful psychic and the father of one of the Modern-era X-Men. In the Marvel’s What If series, Doctor Doom seeks to unite all of the world’s power by mastering the Time Stone.

The stone is capable of changing every single timeline by creating a different timeline.

Among the cast, Yinsen plays the role of Doctor Doom. As depicted in the comic, he is a Chinese American man who possesses the psychic power of telekinesis. He works for Magneto, an Australian professor and leader of the X-Men.

He is obsessed with the notion that mutant power can be controlled and even surpassed through mental means. Due to the nature of his work, he often finds himself under surveillance by guardsmen and guards.

Marvel Confirms Yinsen Was The MCU's Real Founding Hero
Marvel Confirms Yinsen Was The MCU’s Real Founding Hero

Aside from Yinsen, another crucial player in this story is a young Chinese girl named Shi Fu. Shi Fu is a talented young Chinese student who Doctor Doom trains in mental and spiritual development.

While learning under the tutelage of the famous practitioner Doctor Doom, i.e., Yinsen, she develops an intense interest in the history of the mystical artifacts known as the Mind Gems.

The Mind Gems is mystical; metallic discs that, when activated by the right brain waves, give off psychic visions and messages.

Except for the Iron Man and Spiderman, other characters have owned and used these discs throughout the Marvel’s What If series like The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, and many others.

One of the primary reasons they were placed in the What If books were to introduce a new element in the comic universe.

The characters are placed in situations where it would be their most significant risk at life, but they are immune to this danger because of the Mind Gems. They are saved from any threat and kept safe.

Marvel Confirms Yinsen Was The MCU's Real Founding Hero
Marvel Confirms Yinsen Was The MCU’s Real Founding Hero

With the Mind Gems, the villains were acting as a weakness that made them vulnerable. In the Marvel’s What If series, Yinsen had the power to control the minds of everyone on the planet.

With his Mind Gem, he could make anyone think and think again; however, only those with the highest rank of his staff knew his secrets.

The X-Men were a secret to the world until the birth of Professor X when an experiment left all of mutant-kind with superhuman powers.


It is sure to believe that Yinsen played a dominant role of a villain who was successfully impressing the public with his excellent acting skills in the movie.

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