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4 Saga will be Marvel Multiverse Saga

In this article today, we will understand how Marvel Studios divides all the upcoming movies into different sagas. Saga means a long story of achievements like Marvel’s three phases got together with the Infinity Saga.

Likewise, Marvel and Bodybuilders are preparing for the Saga. We had talked about the recent Multiverse Marvel, how both Marvel and DC are competing against each other in the Multiverse Battle. 

Marvel Multiverse Saga -Thunderbolt Saga
Marvel Multiverse Saga -Thunderbolt Saga

Thunderbolt Saga in Marvel Multiverse Saga

With its tremendous movies, Multiverse is just a part of Marvel’s Saga, which Marvel is going to call. The Multiverse Saga is the same Marvel Cosmetic Saga Thunderbolt Saga, i.e., Avanager Saga and Midnight Sun Saga, are also ready to talk first.

We will be the first to see Wanda Vision in Multiverse Marvel, where Wanda will do it. When she starts tampering with reality. Because of this manipulation, real reality will be disturbed, and a different Marvel Universe will emerge. 

Then it will be further explained in the Loki series, where Loki will be seen using the Test, TV AK who keeps an eye on the time-traveling people, Loki will jump to different realities with the TV people. And make us different There will be different reasons, including Killoki, which will be a separate Saga part. 

We will talk about this further. After this, Multivirus will be in front of Peter on the Marvel Saga Earth when he sees his multiple versions, after which the problem will be brought to Wanda’s reality manipulation. And Loki’s reality jumping in front of the doctor strange where the latter will end up in a banging showdown. 

You will find out who is the reality behind this problem of Marvel. So the Multiverse Saga is the beginning of this space, and the biggest problem here will not end, but more people will be introduced between it. Thunderbolt of Saga is a team of Super Criminals whom the government uses.

You can also call them Marvel’s suicide code for your work. Just about everyone knows that Thunderbolt will start with Falconote and multi soldier where they will be recruited in the barrack. 

This would include Task Master from the Black Widow Movie and perhaps the Black widow Movie by Elina Balwa. After which, it will also have Amobiasan from Ant Paint’s Ghost and She-Hulk and will lead them all in the last. 

Midnight Saga Marvel Multiverse Saga

Midnight Saga in Marvel Multiverse Saga

Thunderbolt Ross and all these we will see in the Thunderbird movies will approach Marvel to form a better winning team. Next, let’s talk about Midnight Sun Saga’s Midnight Saga, which is the superhero who saves Earth from the Dark and Natural Force. This Saga will be restarted from the Blade series, where we will also see Moonlight and Ghost Rider. 

On top of all this, we came to know about one of his members Captain Britain in Avengers and Game. Where Pelley takes Captain Britain’s real name, Brain Beder, after his own introduction of all these heroes, I hope to show them all in the Midnight Sun movie. Now the thing that remains is that there is not much news about them. So I think these two will go along with Saga. 

Cosmic Saga Marvel Multiverse Saga
Cosmic Saga Marvel Multiverse Saga

Young Avengers Saga in Marvel Multiverse Saga

These include Young Avengers Saga where different superheroes will be introduced in different movies such as Monica Rambo Speed and Weekend appearing in KC Langer and Thor: The Love and Thunder from Kill Loki’s Ant Men 3 from Loki Siris and Hulk Green and American from Weekend and Captain Marvel 2 Shailesh along with all these, what kind of films have been announced. 

Marvel Multiverse Saga
Marvel Multiverse Saga

Cosmic Saga in Marvel Multiverse Saga

Somewhere here, Marvel will have to start the Newton Saga as well, because these names have come out from Captain Marvel Two, in which Rob is also Prince without all the characters of Megan Saga, we will not be able to sustain us for many times, so last Let’s talk about the Cosmic Saga, then the Cosmic Saga will be connected.

Cosmos means that superheroes in space will face more problems than they see in space. This series will only be faired in the Loki series, where it is believed that there is a problem in space. 

That problem, i.e., Gorr The God Butcher Lord Lover, will be a part of the fairy problem in the double lover double tender. Then the next part of this problem will be shown. In Captain Marvel 2, By the way, it is being said that Captain Marvel 2 I am also you Roger, which can prove to be a problem for Captain Marble. 

But the real problem is still in space, or the Guardian of the Galaxy is always in the galaxy, which will be seen in the Lover Thunder and will also be seen in a different volume 3 with thunder. Which problem will be here, and in the meantime, Nova will be formed where we should see the gadgets.

Have been. I guess they can also be brites in the coffee problem, or they are going to be born, which will change the Marvel Cinematic forever, so they have a collision between the two meanings. 

The showdown will be between his incursions. Right now, it seems that the Fantastic Four will either be destroyed by the Saga or will not be seen before its end, which John watts are going to write, neither do you think that all the sagas are different, but it is not so.

All these sagas are interlinked, like, of course, at the end of Phase One Two, and three different problems came to the fore, but they are all happening here in the face of the same Face Three.

Different teams are being introduced in different sagas, but all of them are at the end of the cosmic Saga, and I am all professionally at that point. Like it happened after an incursion.

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