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Shy Anime Season 2 Confirmed To Be In Production

Shy Anime Season 2 greenlit!

Ever since My Hero Academia rose to global fame, the superhero genre has become prevalent with numerous series releasing each year.

Bukimi Miki’s manga, Shy, is all set to hit the screens in Fall 2023 in the form of an anime adaptation.

The premise is set in a world where war is the norm and superheroes are responsible for maintaining peace.

After the war ended, each superhero returned to their homeland where they were accepted by the citizens.

To make sure the superheroes remain in contact, a Space HQ is setup which oversees important matters back on earth.

The story follows teenager Teru Momijiyama aka Shy is chosen as earth s’ representative and is invited to a local park for a speech.

However, due to her shyness, Teru ends up boring the audience and as a result leaves the stage with embarrassment

The struggle does not end there as Shy fails to save a girl named Iko from a broken rollercoaster and cops the anger of the public.

Luckily for Teru, her Russian hero friend called Spirit gives her valuable advice which helps her come out of the rut and she succefully recues people from a burning building.

 Things become better when Iko joins her school and thanks her for saving her life as the two become good friends.

Now with renewed hope and determination, Shy must save the everyone from an evil organization called Amarariruku whose leader Stigma is trying to take over the world.

Fans eagerly anticipated the arrival of Shy Season One, but reception was mixed. Despite this, many are now wondering if a second season is currently in development.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates on Shy anime Season 2 by scrolling down.

Shy has received a decent rating of 6.7/10 and is currently ranked at #5086 on MyAnimeList, with a member count of 47k.


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Shy season one aired from 3rd October 2023 to 19th December 2023 for 12 episodes.

On December 18th, 2023, the official Twitter account for the show announced the renewal of Shy anime for a second season.

To go with the announcement, an illustration of the main character Teru Shy Mimijiyama was also shared.

Unfortunately, neither Shy anime season 2 trailer and Shy anime season 2 release date was revealed by the creators.

Shy Season 118th December 2023
Shy Season 2Yet to be Announced

Check out the announcement for Shy anime season 2 below:


Shy manga CATCHUP
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Shy manga is written and illustrated by Bukimi Miki. It began serialization in Weekly Shonen magazine since 1st August 2019.

The manga is available in 22 volumes, and the latest edition was released on December 7th, 2023.

The manga received a nomination for the prestigious 6th Next Manga Awards in the print manga category in 2020, which is a testament to its high quality and appeal.

As of June 2023, the manga has garnered over 1 million copies in circulation, solidifying its position as a beloved and popular work.


Shy anime Season 2 plot
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Shy and Spirit complete their Russian mission while Lady Black along with Stardust are late with their assistance.

To counter the threat of Amarariruku, the heroes and government decide to share information with one another.

Sprit presents Stardust the ring that Tzveta had kept back to give Unilord. Before returning, Shy meets Stardust to express gratitude for his guidance.

However, Stardust states that it was Shy s’ own hard work which granted the strength and she should be proud of herself.

Lady Black stays behind to help the injured while Teru and Pepesha leave Russia.

Back home, Teru gets sick on her way to school after her excursions in Russia and Iko gives her a ride back home on her back.

Teru recollects the memories of her sister caring for her in childhood when she used to get sick.

Meanwhile, Iko realizes how normal people are despite their hero status which makes her feel at ease.

At Amarariruku, Kufufu and Doki Baragaki are battling with each other with the latter finding Stigma.

Their fight is broken by Inori Hallelujah who waits for them to come together through prayer.

Stigma’s grand plan to conquer the world is revealed in the final scene of the episode.

Shy anime Season One covered till Chapter 30 of the manga which means Shy anime season 2 will begin by adapting Chapter 31.

Shy and Sprit square up against the frigid darkness that has taken host deep in the heart of Pepesha s’ mother who felt the effects in her dying moments.

Although the bad memories seem have remained struck and are overwhelming, they can save what needs to save if they work together.

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Source by Eight Bit

Shy anime is directed by Masaomi Ando with series composition and scripting by Yasuhiro Nakanishi.

Characters are designed by Akihiro Sueda, Risa Takai and Yuichi Tanaka while the music is composed by Hinako Tsubakiyama.

Studio Eight Bit is the mastermind behind the creation of this animation, with Kazuto Shimoyama leading the art direction.

You can find the list of Shy anime characters and voice cast below:

 Teru Momijiyama/SHYShino Shimoji
 Ming Ming Li/Meng LongAyumu Murase
 Uni-LordKikuko Inoue
 Pepesha Andrianov/SpiritsMamiko Noto
 TzvetaMiyuki Sawashiro
 StigmaMutsumi Tamura
 Iko KoishikawaNao Tōyama
 KufufuRina Hidaka
 Piltz Dunant/Lady BlackSayumi Suzushiro
 Davie Wonder John/StardustShinichiro Miki
 N-Vilio/EbioTomokazu Sugita
 Cake Shop ClerkAkira Kuwabara
 Young Revozeale FanboyAkira Sekine
 Young DavieAsuna Tomari
 RevoronChihaya Yoshitake
 RevozealeNatsumi Kawaida
 Doctor SchwartzNaomi Kusumi


  1. When will expected Shy anime season 2 release date?

    Looking at the prompt renewal, we can expect Shy anime season 2 to premier sometime around Summer 2024.

  2. Has there been any official announcement regarding the release of Shy anime season 2?

    Yes, studio Eight Bit has announced the decision for production Shy anime season 2.

  3. Are there any changes in the main cast or staff for the second season, if it has been confirmed?

    No changes in cast have been announced thus far as all of them will reprise their previous role.

  4. What is the anticipated release date for MF Shy anime season 2?

    Looking at the prompt renewal, we can expect Shy anime season 2 to premier sometime around Summer 2024.

  5. Are there plans for the release of English subtitles or dubbed versions of Shy anime season 2?

    After the broadcast of Shy anime season 2, we can expect english dubs to be added for the sequel.


Source by Eight Bit

Shy anime season 2 has been greenlit for production however a release date is yet to be revealed.

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