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What did Sylvie saw when Alioth touched her? What was in Lady Loki’s Vision?

In the 5th episode of the Loki series, lady Loki aka Sylvie, is running from a newly introduced creature called Alioth; while running from him, lady Loki uses her enchantments to find out what he is guarding. In her brief vision, lady Loki saw a Castle on a floating rock in space. The vision teases a potential presence in the tower of the castle.

How did Lady Loki, aka Sylvie, meet Alioth?

What did Sylvie saw when Alioth touched her s
Credit – Marvel

Loki series episode 5 features Loki and Sylvie On a journey towards mystery. Both the Loki variants are one step closer to find the truth about the origin of Time variance authority. Soon it will be revealed who created the Time variance authority in the first place. As we already know from the previous episode that the Time Keepers are simply automatons.

After being snipped by Ravonna Renslayer, the God of Mischief finds himself in what turns out to be a substantial effective dump at the end of the time, where everything pruned by the TVA is sent so that they can’t influence or disrupt the sacred timeline. Among many residents of the void who avoid getting eaten by Alioth are various Loki variants who now regard this place, at the end of time their home.

Why did Alioth attack Sylvie?

What did Sylvie saw when Alioth touched her s
Credit – Marvel

Anyone new who arrives at the dump becomes a new target for Alioth. Although The TVA pruned Loki, lady Loki chose to self prune herself after being cornered by Ravonna Renslayer and the TVA to join Loki in his deserted new location and instantly becomes Alioth’s target.

The creature immediately attacks Sylvie upon arriving at the new location. She starts running from the new creature and uses her enchantment powers on him while she’s at it. This results in lady Loki having a vision of what the creature is bound to. 

What did Sylvie saw in her vision?

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The vision features a floating rock with a castle on top of it, and as her vision moves towards the castle, it shows an enormous pair of doors at the bottom and at the top a tower with a glowing yellow dome. It seems that someone is behind those doors and that someone could be the creator of the TVA and The Timekeepers hiding in a void at the end of the time with terrifying Alioth kept there to guard them.

Who is behind the Giant doors of the castle?

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Credit – Marvel

Ever since the Loki series episode 5 came out, many theories have been swimming around regarding the man’s identity hidden in the floating castle. The most common of them is that It’s Kang the Conqueror behind those big doors. 

Kang the Conqueror Is a time traveler from Marvel Comics who went ahead in time and vanquished a weak and war-torn earth to widen his reign across the Galaxy from there. He then went back in time to acquire an earlier and better version of earth. The chances of Kang being the one in the floating castle is relatively high because his character is connected to both the comic version of Ravonna Renslayer and Alioth.

Did Lady Loki Try To Acquire The Soul Stone Vormir Connection Explained
Credit – Marvel

There is another primary reference to Kang the Conqueror at the very start of episode 5 of the Loki series featuring the destroyed version of Avengers tower in detail that has been sent to the same void at the end of the time and has Qeng written on top of it. In the history of Marvel Comics, Qeng enterprise was a company owned by an alias of Kang when he posed as a CEO and businessman in the future. 

By the end of the episode, Loki and Sylvie succeed in enchanting Alioth by joining their powers, parting a green curtain of magic to reveal the floating castle from the vision. Both Lokis walk towards the castle ending the episode with a cliffhanger. It looks like the whole truth about the TVA and its creator will be revealed in the final showdown.

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