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The Witcher: 10 Things Only Book Readers Know About Yennefer

In the games, Yennefer witcher isn’t nearly as prominent as she is in the novels. These details of her character will only be known to book readers.

It is simple to see why the fans claim to be in Yennefer—she was a strong character of the novels. Yet she hadn’t been referenced in the first game even once, while the second only came after Geralt’s memory had been regained. Although the games remained loyal to the persona of Yennefer, there still are some very intriguing aspects concerning the character that only book readers are aware of.

10. Her parents were deplorable people

Credit : Netflix

Yenéfer was constantly criticized and beaten by her father since she was born with a hunchback. Her mother sometimes tried to protect her until her dad chose to leave her family.

After that, the mother of Yennefer became a replica of her father and began to beat her brutally.

9. She’s One-Quarter Elf As Well

Credit : Netflix

Her dad finally left the family because, although she was half a fellow, he continued to criticise her mother for having elven blood.

So Yennefer was another elf one-quarter. In addition, the mother of Yennefer also had links with mages, which is why her daughter presumably had a natural aptitude for magic arts.

8. While at Aretuza, she attempted suicide.

Credit : Netflix

Fortunately, when Yennefer was selected to learn how to become a magician at the renowned school in Aretuza, she was spared from an awful upbringing. However, things did not go well throughout her studies in this location, and things got to the point that she attempted suicide by slashing both of her wrists.

The trial was unsuccessful when Tissaia de Vries warned her of her frailty but praised Yennefer for being at least as courageous to carry on with an act that would have to kill her had she not been found.

7. Tissaia De Vries herself ordered the correction of Yennefer’s bodily shortcomings.

Credit : Netflix

The revelation in Tissaia de Vries that no-one but the president herself had organised these repairs will startle most of the Net Conflict Series viewers with Yennefer’s anomalies.

This was ordered mainly because all the sorceresses were supposed to be in high-level physical condition, which requires the correction of the slightest deformations. In the Yennefer instance, it was apparent that her physical distress was significant and had to be eliminated.

6. She is a little off because of her former afflictions.

Credit : Netflix

While Yennefer is undoubtedly a perfect picture in the games and usually the same in the novels, it should be noticed that Yennefer was also not handsome in the convention.

While her abnormalities had been repaired, her body proportions remained slight – something that was highlighted when Geralt took her by her shoulders to find that her shoulders were not even.

5. She was jealous of Ciri, perhaps Geralt’s lover.

Credit : Netflix

The fact that she was so jealous and possessive over Geralt is a strange thing that one has to talk about while speaking about Yennefer in the novels. Thus she had the notion that Ciri also had her part in Geralt’s life.

It all stopped until Nenneke wrote a couple of lines to tell her that Ciri was her substitute kid, not her competition – something that put Yennefer in her place.

4. With A Dagger, She is pretty adept.

Credit : Netflix

While the magic of Yennefer’s is good enough to make it a formidable force with which nobody can confuse the games, the books have given her another choice in combat if her magic fails.

It has been demonstrated that she uses a dagger several times in her works, most notably in the Blood of Elves.

3. Her relationship with Geralt was challenging since they both found it difficult to accept their feelings

Credit : Netflix

Geralt and Yennefer have one of the turbulent fictional relationships every day, but one cannot dispute that they were intended for each other very much.

Yennefer was always returning to old flames as Istredd was when the things between the two got bumpy. However, the two persons’ unwillingness to acknowledge their genuine sentiments produced a lot of friction. But when, last in Time of Contempt, Geralt confessed Yennefer to his true sentiments, their relationship was much more steady.

2. Because he believed Yennefer had betrayed her, Geralt slept with Fringilla.

Credit : Netflix

However, it’s not to say Geralt didn’t have a fair proportion of poorly thought-out moments, like when he felt that he was betrayed by Yennefer and caused him to have a casual connection with Fringilla.

Yennefer was imprisoned and tortured by Stygga Castle, where he conveyed the panic to Geralt to remedy his error and attack the castle to free the wizard.

1. She has used the magic of healing – a rare thing – to try to heal Geralt’s death.

Credit : Netflix

Although Yennefer is proven to be quite skilled in utilizing attacking magic in games, there is not even the slightest indication of the ability to use healing magic.

Yennefer is fully able to use healing magic, especially after he gets stabbed by a loudspeaker at the Rivian Pogrom and bleeds. The books reveal differently. The strain of Yennefer’s body was so great that she eventually passed away.

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