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The Witcher prequel news: Blood Origin production moves to Yorkshire with an army

Witcher Blood Origin prequel still has a lot to reveal.


Witcher Blood Origin has been lately in controversy since the prequel has turned in the cinemas, but there is still a lot that is cooking and is necessary to be portraying in front of the viewers.

Through this article, I will try to reflect on the location aspect while filming the witcher- blood origin that the production team has so far fixed.

Necessary Details About Witcher Blood Origin

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The Witcher Blood Origin is the follow-up to the popular game CD1: The Vanishing Files. No release date has been given for the second part of the Vanishing Files story, but it is coming soon.

CD1 ended its life, just as it did: on consoles and PCs in April 2021, just a few months after the game’s release. Now CD2 is finally here!

What makes this exciting new game so different from the first game is that it is two parts instead of one.

CD1 is focused on the main character, Wilfred, while CD2 will follow a different storyline about the main protagonist, Alucard.

In this way, the game promises to be richer and more rewarding than the first game was.

A new member of the witcher family, a boy called Max, has disappeared, and at a point in the future, a vampire will appear and murder his parents and children (including a baby).

Max will have to find out who killed his family members and find the underlying cause of the whole “vampire” mystery before time runs out – or risk the monster growing inside him turning him into a vampire himself.

CD2 is expected to be even bigger in scope, with more characters and a new setting.

We will also see more side quests added to the game.

There are several different paths in CD2, and this means that players can go down some unknown routes and still have many choices to make.

I am not too familiar with the storyline, but it looks like there will be quite a bit of twist from what I have seen.

I am especially interested in one part of the game: the Bloody Harvest.

Another thing that I like is the voice acting. No games have ever given me as much enjoyment as CD1 (The Witcher Bloody Origin Prequel) has, and I hope that.

The Wild Hunt becomes as popular as CD2. CD1 of The Witcher Bloody Origin prequel promises to be even better than the first game!

Not only that, it will give us another dose of fantasy adventure, along with some fantastic side quests and exciting encounters with the human players.

If you enjoyed The Witch Hunter or the first game in the Witcher series, CD1 would prove to be an improvement. The story is excellent, the graphics are top-notch, and the music fits the game perfectly.

The Controversial Part

After discussing witcher- blood origin, it is now time to have a word about the controversies linked up with the location of the witcher- blood origin.

According to the news, many photographs are shared by the cast, i.e., Sabrina witcher and henry cavil witcher, which represents that the location of some actions is fixed at Yorkshire.

The information is accurate to the point that the scenes are filmed between 14th to 17 September. Much footage has also been released by the rich accounts that are often in the news.

Henry Cavill Witcher and Sabrina Witcher had a lot of fun while filming for the blood origin. May the scene be whatsoever the cast had enjoyed themselves at fullest with latest tools and pieces of equipment.


It is trustworthy to believe that when the cast usually had so much fun, there are fewer chances of the movie being deemed unworthy or timeless.

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