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Venom 2’s Credit Scenes Changed The Marvel Movies Completely

Venom 2 post-credit scenes have changed many things for Marvel movies and other tasks related to it.


The second film of the Spider-Man franchise, Venom 2, features a different climax than its predecessor. For the most part, the credits scene occurs after the credits roll in the film.

Main Facts

Venom 2 Makers Fix Their Mistakes From The First Movie's
Credit – Sony

It is entirely unnecessary and serves no purpose other than to slow the film venom 2 down for a moment of Spider-Man bragging about getting away. It also has the dubious distinction of being the only film in the franchise not to feature Tobey Maguire as the star.

That brings us to the first significant difference between the two movies. In the first movie, Electro’s plan to make Peter Parker understand his position (to protect the world) goes off without a hitch.

Inventor’s henchman has no idea how to attack Electro, so they plan to rob a bank while Spider-Man distracts them with his webbing. When Electro attacks Peter Parker just before the bank robbery, he unleashes his full strength, causing a massive explosion that kills innocent bystanders.

It seems that the movie writers are happy to leave the ending of Electro’s plan up to the viewer. There is no mention of Electro having killed Peter Parker or even that Spider-Man has died in the film!

He gets to live, which is what he does in the comics, but he never dies. He also does not seem to be affected by the destruction he causes, continuing on his path to conquer New York City as The menace of New York City!

With this in mind, it is easy to see why the fight scene in Venom 2 is a lot different. Instead of a traditional battle with many people on a battlefield, we have Spider-Man confronting Electro.

Venom 2 Makers Fix Their Mistakes From The First Movie's
Credit – Sony

He does not have any weapons at his disposal, and he is barely holding back his anger. He is ready to beat the villain to a pulp, but he does not have the time to do it.

The fight is quickly put into a cage match, and although Spider-Man loses, he comes away from the victor while only temporarily defeated.

When you watch the movie, i.e., Venom 2, you will see why they changed the fight scene from a cage match to a cage workout and why it was made very brief.

Most of the fighting occurs in the background of few takes while the actors are running around the gym.

When they are not filming, the actors cannot use their powers, so the fight-choreographed scenes are the best way to display the abilities of the various actors.

In a movie where the villains have the advantage, the filmmakers make sure there are plenty of opportunities to display them.

Perhaps it can be said that venom 2 is an excellent movie with a compelling story.

Venom 2 Makers Fix Their Mistakes From The First Movie's
Credit – Sony


Overall, the fight-choreographed scenes in the second film of Spider-Man 2, i.e., venom 2, display the acrobatics and skill of the movie’s leading actors.

They do not rely on kung fu or any other strange martial arts. All of their moves are highly technical and based on real-life combat experience. It is what an actual superhero movie should be about.

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