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Will Channing Tatum’s Gambit Ever Make It To The Screen?

Of all of the standalone projects that Fox had for Marvel properties before the buyout, Gambit was probably the one that raised the most eyebrows. The character has always had a strong following but he wasn’t really on anyone’s books for a solo picture considering he’d barely made an appearance in media for a long time.

Hype was building with Channing Tatum in the lead role but the project was axed when Marvel started looking at its own X-Men project in the MCU. Could we still see Tatum’s version of Gambit in all of that though?

The Basics of Gambit

A New Orleans vagabond with immense charm and charisma, Remy LeBeau is one of the oldest members of the X-Men and one of the most familiar faces of the team, despite not actually being in the original lineup. His powerset involves absorbing kinetic energy and then using it to charge objects with explosive force, although you can find a more detailed breakdown here.

In terms of personality, Gambit is a gambler through and through as his name suggests. Classic depictions have always had him playing cards and hanging out at casinos, and playing cards are even his signature weapon of choice. He’s also an absolute ladies’ man and has been romantically linked with just about half the mutant ladies in the world by this point.

Would Tatum Still Fit?

If Marvel were to somehow stick to the time frame established by the character’s infamous first movie appearance, then Tatum would be too young if anything. However, the wind is pointing towards focusing on a younger, 20-something cast and Tatum would be likewise too old for that one. It really comes down to how the company play their cards, no pun intended.

On the other hand, working the character in with Deadpool and Wolverine in their upcoming film might work better and let them mess with the time frame just enough. The characters can all play off of their appearances in Origins for some nice references.

Would It Still Work For Marvel?

With a string of R-rated movies like Deadpool and Logan behind them, Marvel are clearly pushing toward a more mature audience and all the money-making possibilities behind that. For instance, until now things like casino titles and slots wouldn’t have fit with their properties, although someone like Gambit with his casino links would be a perfect fit at somewhere like High5 Casino. To see the kinds of games we mean, you can find more about High5 Casino here with all the slots a Marvel property could fit with.

It wouldn’t stop at a casino either – serious romantic dramas, darker elements like Midnight Sons which recently got a video game title, and heavier complex issues would all be on the table with the character whose history has often been one of the darker parts of the source material.

As it stands, Gambit is one of the few characters not slated for an appearance in Deadpool 3 but when Deadpool 4 rolls around, who knows?!

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