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Unused Witcher costumes reveal lore-friendly Jaskier hat and Renfri flashbacks

If you have watched “The Witcher” series on Netflix, Then you will definitely agree that it’s one of the best web series of 2019. 

The character of Geralt, played by Henry Cavill, was absolutely fantastic and the Jaskier played by Joey Batey was absolutely remarkable and one of the main highlight of this series. Joey Batey really brings the Novel’s character to life will passionately. Well, there is an important change from the original character is “The hat of Jaskier. 

The costume designer Tim Aslam, has shared some pictures of Jaskier on his website which reveals the original costume of the character where the hat is included. 

“We built the hat,” the scriptwriter of the show Lauren S. Hissrich, Said “we own it, but when we tried the hat on joey’s head, we didn’t like it. We all worked hard to make the character as real as possible.”

When later she was asked that whether they will redesign the character and include a hat in season 2 this was what she said “yes, the hat! It was made for the character, and we tried it on Joey, but we could not stop laughing. But yes, we will try again, you know nothing is impossible.” 

The Jaskier look is filled with surprises which are found in the directory of the Costume designer’s website. A set of new pictures are filled with a glimpse of the show’s deleted scenes which is the flashback of Renfri’s childhood. 

Before that incise you guys have missed let’s talk about something very interesting which the costume designer has done very interestingly.

The Witcher Medallion

The Witcher Medallion is not just a necklace the medallion vibrates in the presence of magic. So, Geralt knew that Renfri was not a normal human because his medallion vibrated at times in the show that’s why we see him grab it here she was above him in a trance prophesized in the future doing magic.

So one of Ranfri’s mutations was that she had become clairvoyant she could see the future. Renfri saw the small folk throwing stones at Geralt and bringing him a butcher and in the show adaptation Renfri also for saw “Siri” the girl in the woods Geralt’s destiny.

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The pictures are telling that Renfri’s Childhood was played by the child actor “Lila Prideaux” She is looking amazing the fantastic in this picture. The pictures are clearly saying that she was a princess and Renfri said in the first season to Geralt very clearly that “she used to be a princess“. But her stepmother had other plans for her. Her stepmother sent out a thug to kill her but instead, he raped Renfri and that was the end of the princess.

Here we have the two very important characters who join the Ranfri in the flashback sequence. One Stregobor, which is played by Lars Mikkelsen. It was well explained in the first episode that Stregobor Plate major role in Renfri’s exile also sent a huntsman for her assassination once she escaped from the castle.

Next is Queen Aridea, who was Renfri’s stepmother played by Inge Beckmann.

Stregobor and Ranfri’s stepmother were the one who tried to destroy Renfri with their poisons, assassins and with magical powers. They hunted Renfri as long as they could until Renfri became a hunter. On Ranfri’s final hunt she met Geralt, then they made love, it’s worth noting love the horizontal dance but unfortunately, they danced again the following day and their second dance was to the sad Steel song because she had already made her choice a long time ago. 

We have found another interesting picture from the deleted scene which shows Stregobor is performing an autopsy on what appears to be a child. This might be the child who took birth by the Curse of the Black Sun and which is a quite another flashback from the original script. This pictures reveals the another original look of another interesting character Marilka which is played by the actor Rebecca Benson.

The next is also another scene which is also a show’s cut. This one is from the sets of the town of Vengerberg and this is likely the childhood part of Yennefer’s. As we can see here there is a lot of extras wearing colourful clothes walking around in the sets of the town (Mafilm Studios).

There are many more in the cut’s material which includes a look of the original fight scene in the sets Blaviken market.

The costume designer’s website also tell us more about of behind the scenes pictures that showcase show’s costumes which includes the next costume of Visenna who was Geralt’s loveable mother. The character is played by Frida Gustavsson

Visenna who only appears in Geralt’s fever dream which is in the eight episode of the 1st season. So till now we have not got a clear picture of the costume of this particular character “Visenna”. But we can hope that in season 2 we can definitely see more about these unclear pictures and the teaser of season 2 tell a lot more about the upcoming storyline which is “Nightmare of the Wolf”.

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