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Does Yennefer Deserve A Better Story In The Witcher Series?

In addition to Yennefer, there are a number of other intriguing characters in The Witcher. However, does the tale she has told thus far reflect her personality, or does she deserve more? Check it out!

Many interesting individuals populate The Witcher’s universe. Yennefer of Vengerberg, a strong wizard, is one such figure (Anya Chalotra). Season 1 of The Witcher introduces fans to Yennefer. Her history is shown to the audience, which is a wise choice. Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels are, of course, the basis for The Witcher’s adaptation. In addition, the books became the inspiration for a popular video game franchise.

In the novels, however, Yennefer is solely seen through Geralt’s point of view.

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A different approach was taken by the programme, though. He and Ciri (both portrayed by Freya Allan) were introduced at the same time as Yennefer. This resulted in a convoluted timeline, but it worked well since it allowed for the simultaneous introduction of three fascinating characters.

You’ll see Yennefer’s ascent to power, and her decision to walk away from it all at the end of the episode. As Yennefer falls in love with Geralt, and as she tries to erase her decision to be infertile, fans are captivated. As Yennefer and Geralt meet again, Geralt loses Yennefer’s affection. It’s Yennefer’s gallantry that’s on display at the Battle of Sodden. The story of Yennefer is very fascinating. The fact is, there is always space for improvement.

It is Yennefer’s tale that dominates the first season, as she struggles to reconcile her love for Geralt with her wish to leave behind a child. However, some fans may ask if Yennefer’s storey so far fits her character, or whether she deserves more. Fans’ opinions will, of course, differ. It is possible, though, that there is a solution to this problem.

The Witcher’s first season has a difficult task to fulfil.

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Audiences had to be introduced to a new planet and new people in this film. Yennefer is one of them. Three personalities must be developed equally, and that is no easy task. Something will inevitably go between the gaps. Those who think Yennefer’s tale might be improved could be excused. A lot more is involved. Things are how they usually are, especially when it comes to The Witcher. To this far, Yennefer’s tale has been consistent with her character. She deserves more, however.

How is it possible to have both? But don’t worry; there’s a reason behind it. When it comes to what it does, The Witcher Season 1 excels. Storylines for all three characters are well-written and explain how they got who they are today For example, fans may appreciate Yennefer’s frustration at having her decision taken away.

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At the moment, she didn’t know what she was giving up when she opted to become a wizard and infertile. There are probably a lot of fans who can connect to that statement. As a result, Yennefer’s tale is in keeping with her personality. Yennefer’s hatred of being compelled to accomplish anything is understandable. It is also possible to do nothing, in this situation, to not have a kid.

Yennefer’s storey arc is appropriate for her personality.

She deserves more than to be defined only by her connections with others, though. Her cheesy kiss with Geralt or nearly obsession to restore her fertility make Yennefer deserving of her own character arc in the series. To exist independently of Geralt, Ciri, or anybody else. But it’s quite probable that this will happen in The Witcher season 2. In the meanwhile, admirers may have to rely on her, which may satisfy those who feel she deserves more.

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As a result, her character will not be viewed simply in connection to other characters, but rather as a standalone protagonist. All of the buildups will be worth it for supporters.

Season 1’s plot suggests that Yennefer is a courageous, strong and powerful lady. Some of her followers may wish to see more of that aspect of her personality in the coming months. Not every admirer of Yennefer’s narrative will agree with this judgement. Depending on who you ask, The Witcher fans will lean one way or another.

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Some would say that her character’s journey is perfect for her, while others will say that she deserves so much more. As a result, many people enjoy The Witcher because it’s not straightforward. As a result of its complexity, the narrative may be interpreted in many different ways. A complex character, Yennefer is no exception. For The Witcher’s world and its people, such as Yennefer, this means that apparently contradictory things can both be true.

Although Yennefer’s storey arc was well-written, the writers of The Witcher Season 1 deserve a lot of praise. For making her comprehensible to audiences, rather than baffling or weird. It’s possible that season 2 of The Witcher will be even better than season 1 if Yennefer is given greater freedom. And that’s a very amazing achievement. Most fans would probably agree with that statement if they were asked.

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