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10 Things We Never Understood About Rachel Green

Rachel Green is one of the most famous people in the history of television.. But it doesn’t imply her plot was without flaws or ambiguous times.

Rachel Green was a popular figure in the 1990s, and some claim that she is still popular now. There is much to be told about how far she came from season 1 to season 10 as a character from her ‘The Rachel’ haircut to how her character progressed in the programme.

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Unfortunately, like every essential Friends character, we have a few queries that we’d want to answer. So, today, we’re going to go through some of the unanswered questions we have about Jennifer Aniston’s iconic character.

10. Returning Gifts

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In the viewpoint of the individual doing it, exchanging presents for items that are thought to be more valuable is probably not a terrible thing — but when that “more valuable” item is shop credit, some of the value is surely gone.

Rachel Green looks to be just incredibly shallow from an outsider’s point of view right present. Her appeal as a character extends much beyond that, although it appears that almost everyone becomes unhappy with her in this regard at various moments over the show’s run.

9. Giving Up On Joey

When Joey was single, Rachel Green chased him without going too far, and when he was with Charlie, she chased him again without going too far. They eventually get together, but the relationship barely lasts a few episodes — and after only one official date, they very much give up.

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You’d think Rachel would have continued going with it for a bit longer, and viewers of the show appeared to agree. Despite all, she kept trying and pushing with Ross after a rocky beginning.

8. Failed London Trip

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A rollercoaster tour must be investigated for future generations to understand how to do not act in a relationship, the relationship behind and behind Ross and Rachel. While it’s understandable that Rachel Green is still in love with Ross, the fact that she travels halfway across the world to try to spoil his wedding in London seems out of place.

Thankfully, she reverses her decision and does not carry out the’sabotage.’

7. Social Smoking

When Rachel Green gets a terrific new job in a fantastic new position, the overarching emotion felt by both the characters and the audience is the satisfaction that she has finally been able to advance in her area.

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However, in order to blend in with one of her coworkers and her supervisor, she decides to attempt social smoking. We can all see it’s not going to end well, and she can, too, given that she’s going against everything her father taught her. Face to face, she doesn’t really know how to deal with him.

6. Pushover To Her Dad

Rachel Green never gets the courage to confront her father in a face-to-face scenario, even as the episode progresses. Instead, she always tries to blame someone else, to flee, or to solve her problems over the phone.

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Despite the fact that she is a very accomplished lady with a wonderful life in the large metropolis, her father is the one sort of kryptonite she can’t seem to defeat. It confirms the idea that many females have daddy issues.

5. Not Seeing The Signs With Gunther

Rachel Green appears to be taken aback when she learns that Gunther is in love with her in the program’s last episode. That’s despite the fact that he was eager to go to any length to satisfy her, implying that he thought her extraordinarily attractive in every way possible.

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We appreciate the desire to keep the joke going as long as possible, but it didn’t exactly present Rachel Green as a bright young lady. But, then, perhaps that was the idea all along.

4. Reunion With Barry

For a perfectly reasonable cause, Rachel quits Barry: she is just no longer in love with him. So why do they end up sleeping with him when they meet up once again in full swing in the first season?

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An error is one thing, but she felt that her character was taking in the entirely incorrect path. Ultimately, the larger scheme of things may not have mattered because Barry was the character whom no one truly liked. At best, it was only unnecessary.

3. Hiring Tag

Rachel Green decided to recruit Tag – the gorgeous, young person who does not actually have the same talents as Hilda, an experienced alternative, instead of employing a qualified, skilled assistant to aid her in a new function.

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The two of them will have a friendly relation for some time, but Miss Green’s act is terribly unprofessional at the end of the day. She knows pretty well about the hazards associated with employing Tag, yet she cannot help herself at all.

2. What Happened With Paris?

In the last episode of the show, Rachel Green leaves the airplane and leaves Paris, France, for the sake of Ross. This is one of the finals and the 10th season in general, yet we can’t stop asking what has occurred with the job in Paris.

Credit : HBO Max

We wish she could come to a specific type of arrangement to work remotely instead of having to go there again, or maybe she and Ross went in Chandler and Monica’s footsteps by moving to the suburbs.

1. Not Seeing The Signs With Ross

It appears painfully evident to everybody during the first season that Ross Geller is in love with Rachel Green and that he’s been since he witnessed her coming back into existence. However, it takes Chandler a blunder to finally open her eyes and recognize what has always been before her. In the very first episode, Ross even asks her to “get a spoon.”

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Everything went out all right, but just suppose Chandler hadn’t spoken on it.

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