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5 Characters of MCU Got Power from Super Soldier Serum

Whenever we talk about Super Soldier Serum, only Captain America comes to your mind who used Super-Soldier Serum. But you might not know that there are many more characters besides whom got power in the MCU due to the Super Soldier serum, for example, Red Skull, Bucky Barnes, Captain America, Hulk, etc. Read this article till the end.

This article will discuss a complete history of Super Soldier Serum, and I will tell you about every person who obtained power from Super-Soldier Serum.

Hello, friends. Welcome back to the website; today, we will discuss 5 Characters of Marvel Cinematic Universe Got Power from Super Soldier Serum.

First of all, we know that the Super Soldier Serum. Is it a chemical solution that makes your body and mind enhance to the next level approx into 10x? That gives super human strength, durability, and stamina.

Red Skull

The first time the Super Soldier Serum was developed by Abraham Erskine in 1930, but at that time, Super Soldier Serum is not ready to use in the human body. Many tortures face by Abraham Erskine; he prepared to inject Super Soldier Serum into George John Maxon after that he got super human strength, durability, and stamina. Still, inside effect, he turned into Red Skull.

After this event, Abraham Erskine left Germany, reached America, and joined their Strategic Scientific Reserve, and in under of the Rebirth project gets to start Super Soldier Serum again. Still, it was only here that he used Beta Radiation this time with Serum.

Captain America

So that Steve Rodgers became the first successful super soldier and today we know as Captain America. Still, unfortunately, Abraham Erskine was killed here, and with this, the secret formula of Super Soldier Serum also ends. However, the story of this article does not end here. Hydra captured Captain America’s best friend Bucky Barnes in 1943, and they were sent to Bucky Barnes on Hydra’s secret weapon facility.

Bucky Barnes

But because Bucky Barnes becomes very weak, Dr. Emile Zola starts experimenting on Bucky Barnes’s with their Super-Soldier serum version. He injects Super-Soldier Serum in the body of Bucky Barnes. But soon after this, Captain America arrives there and free all the Soldiers who were capture.

After two years later between in the train mission in 1945, Hydra attacked Bucky Barnes when Bucky fell into the abyss. But thanks to Super Soldier Serum, Bucky survive that accident but retain Bucky to lose their left hand.

Now it starts the Winter Soldier Program, where injured Bucky again falls into Hydra’s hands, and Dr. Emile Zola starts a new experiment on him. In this experiment, Hydra does brainwash of Bucky after that Bucky follow all the order Hydra. Bucky killed tony stark father and mother.


After this, Super-Soldier serum comes back to light again in 2001 when Thunderbolt Ross resumes the Rebirth program to recreate Super Soldier Serum. The member of this project was Bruce Banner. Then during the project, Serum was injected into Bruce Banner. But the problem here was that he replace Beta Radiation with Gamma Radiation. After that, Bruce converted into Hulk.


After this, to defeat Hulk, Emil Blonsky decided to inject Serum inside their body, but Emil Blonsky becomes Abomination.

I hope you will enjoy reading the article and learn new things and knowledge. If you have any queries related to anything, please make shower to comment and if you like this article, then share it with friends and family and be nice to people. Thank you

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