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Immoral Guild Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled? + Release Date Predictions

Immoral Guild Season 2, will the ecchiness return?

Erotic anime is probably not everyone s’ cup of tea unless you’re a man of culture who enjoys the occasional or even frequent stroll down this lane. 

While series like Shimoneta, Prison School, and Monster Musume are some popular servings on the ecchi table, Winter 2022 extended the menu with the anime adaption of Taichi Kawazoe s’ manga, Immoral Guild.

The story follows a hunter called Kikuru Madan, who began his training at a very young age and is one of the most seasoned guards in the local guild of Mebuki.

Even with his good reputation, Madan feels his golden years of youth have been wasted as he hopes to spend the remaining life living like an average person.

He dreams of enrolling in a college, experiencing campus life, and possibly getting a girlfriend just like his peers; however, Madan feels guilty about leaving the guild as his consciousness prevents him from taking this big step.

While contemplating his retirement, the guilds’s receptionist, Enome, assigns Kikuru four fresh recruits who are Hitamu “Hitamuki,” the energetic beast woman, Kyan, the prodigy Maidena Ange, the laid-back Toxico Dannar, and the stalwart Hanabata Nohkins.

Although each of them has their own unique talents, they also display various obscure characteristics which detract them from becoming Madan s’ successor.

If the succession crisis wasn’t enough, monsters outside Mebuki ‘s wall are targeting women, which presents a further problem to the party.

Despite the circumstances Madan finds himself in, he is committed to an early retirement. Can he guide the recruits and bid his goodbye to start a completely different life is the central plot of the show.

Like many ecchi comedies, Immoral Guild is filled with cliched erotic tropes and fanservice that essentially drive the anime forward as compared to the actual plot.

Whether you enjoyed the first season or not, the series has its fanbase who are wondering if there will be a second installment. To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Immoral Guild Season 2,

Immoral Guild is rated 6.2/10 and ranked #7893 with 50k members on MyAnimeList.


WHAT IS THE Immoral Guild Season 2 RELEASE DATE
Source by TNK studios

Immoral Guild Season one premiered on 5th October 2022, and as of writing, 11 out of the listed 12 episodes have been aired.

Currently, there is no official announcement or update from the creators on the renewal of Immoral Guild Season 2.

Immoral Guild Season 15th October 2022
Immoral Guild Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production studios consider various commercial and financial metrics before announcing a renewal.

The biggest criticism that is labeled against Immoral Guild is that it, albeit an erotic comedy lacks a basic plot. The setup of each episode is similar, which involves girls in perverse situations waiting for the protagonist to save them.

While fanservice may be a big draw for some people, fans who have watched series like Redo of Healer and Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time expect a storyline with character development.

The criticism is evidenced by the IMDB s’ user episode rating, which further established why Immoral Guild season one was a disaster.

Immoral Guild Episode 17.1
Immoral Guild Episode 26.2
Immoral Guild Episode 36.2
Immoral Guild Episode 46.1
Immoral Guild Episode 57.8
Immoral Guild Episode 66.9
Immoral Guild Episode 77.6
Immoral Guild Episode 87.6
Immoral Guild Episode 98.1
Immoral Guild Episode 107.0
Immoral Guild Episode 116.6
Source: IMDB

International streaming is another point of concern for Immoral Guild as neither HIDIVE nor Crunchyroll licensed the anime leading to another commercial failure.

Financially, the anime could not provide a major boost to Immoral Guild manga, and due to the lack of international streaming for the censored version, many viewers preferred to watch it for free uncensored online.

All in All, if the uncensored box sets of Blu-Ray and DVD pick up after the series finale, we can expect both the Immoral Guild Season 2 trailer and Immoral Guild Season 2 release date by Winter 2023.


Immoral Guild manga CATCHUP
Source by TNK studios

Immoral Guild manga is written and illustrated by Taichi Kawazoe. It began serialization in Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine on 12th June 2017. The manga has been collected into ten volumes, with the latest issue released on 12th September 2022.

As of November 2022, Immoral Guild manga has sold over 1.3 million copies for volumes 1-10. 

Immoral Guild manga is rated 6.3/10 and ranked #15369 with 6k members on MyAnimeList.


Immoral Guild Season 2 plot
Source by TNK studios

The anime has been relatively faithful to Immoral Guild manga, but episode 11 skipped Chapters 21,22, and 23 from the fourth volume.

A new character Mishelly is introduced, who wears heavy armor with a fox mask, and as expected, the fan service would have been obvious.

Since Mishelly wasn’t part of the first season which means the characters may feature in Immoral Guild season 2. It also indicates that the creators didn’t go into the first season expecting to return.

Immoral Guild season one will cover Volume 5: Chapter 27 from the manga, which means Immoral Guild season 2 will pick up from Volume 6.

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Immoral Guild characters CAST, CHARACTER AND CREW (1)
Source by TNK studios

Immoral Guild anime is directed by Takuya Asaoka and scripted by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. Characters are designed by Hiraku Kaneko, and the music is composed by Ryo Shirasawa. Animation is produced by TNK studios, with Junji Goto as the chief animation director.

You can find the list of Immoral Guild anime characters and voice cast below:

 Kikuru MadanKatsumi Fukuhara
 Hitamu KyanCarin Isobe
 Maidena AngersAyano Shibuya
 EnomeRumi Okubo
 Noma RuneSaho Shirasu
 Tokishikko DanaYō Taichi
 Hanabata NohkinsYuna Kamakura
 EshuneYūyu Shōji
 Clara ShikkuAoi Inase
 Houns StewartHiroshi Yanaka
 Resumisu CareKozue Yūki
 Senlik TestaileTakuya Nakashima


Source by TNK studios

Immoral Guild Season 2 may not happen, but if it does, fans would be hoping for not just the fanservice but also engaging plotlines.

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