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Edens Zero Season 2 Release Date Confirmed + Trailer Revealed

Edens Zero Season 2 premiere date and key visual out!

If you have ever been in the anime community, you must have heard about Fairy Tail. It’s among the most popular shonen series in the past decade that has managed to carve out a unique stage compared to other popular titles in this genre.

Mangaka Hiro Mashima s’ Fairy Tail holds a special place in many people s’ hearts as the adventures of Natsu, Lucy, and Happy, along with their guild members, have entertained the fans over the years.

While Fairy Tale may be concluded, Hiro Mashima has another successful serialization that has been ongoing ever since 2018. It’s a series called Edens Zero, which received its anime adaption in April 2021.

The premise the story takes place in a space that, in essence, is filled with almost unreal numbers of mysteries and destinations. 

Since this is a work of fiction, the grand adventure that’ll take place in space will have many fantastical aspects that intricately create a sense of adventure and exploration.

The story is set in the distant corners of outer space wherein a kid named Shiki, who, after years of living isolated on a planet with nothing but robots, can go out into space.

After a B-Cube user named Rebecca, alongside her dual-willed guns and robotic cat friend happy, come to take him away so that they can search the cosmos for a being called mother.

Mother is said to grant any wish to the person that finds her, and to help with that, Shiki also has an ability called ether gear which activates a machine in one’s body to give them special abilities, in this case, him having the power of gravity.

Shiki, alongside Rebecca and Happy, continues to transverse through space as well as meet new people and become friends with them while searching for the wish-granting being, Mother.

The first season was a relative success considering the series was part of an incredibly stacked Spring 2021 line-up that consisted of other fantastic anime such as Fruits Basket: The Final, 86 Eighty-Six, Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song, Odd Taxi, Megalo Box: NOMAD, Tokyo Revengers, and My Hero Academia Season 5.

Despite not being as popular as Fairy Tail, fans of Edens Zero were wondering when the second season would be released. 

Thankfully we now have an official update, so keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates from Edens Zero Season 2.

Edens Zero is rated 7.3/10 and ranked #2484 with 215k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS THE EDENS ZERO Season 2 release date
Source by J.C. Staff

Edens Zero Season one aired from 11th April 2021 to 3rd October 2021 for 25 episodes. 

On 29th December 2022, the show s’ official website released the Edens Zero Season 2 trailer and confirmed the Edens Zero Season 2 release date as April 2023. 

The renewal announcement for Eden Zero season 2 was tweeted by the official Twitter account before the finale of the first season on 2nd October 2021, stating, “Shiki and his friends’ adventure will continue. Thank you for your continued support”.

Furthermore, a key visual was also revealed way back on 16th August 2022 by anime news leaker SugoiLITE who claimed that the TV broadcast would be in 2023.

Edens Zero Season 111th April 2021
Edens Zero Season 2April 2023

You can watch the Edens Zero Season 2 trailer below:


Source by J.C. Staff

Edens Zero manga is written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. It began serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine on 26th June 2018 and has since published a total of 24 volumes, with the latest issue released on 16th December 2022.

Kodansha USA picked up the English license for the series in 2018 as well and has since published the first 17 volumes of the series.

Edens Zero is Mashima’s third major shonen manga publication, with Fairy Tail and Rave Master being the other two. 

Mashima claimed that the idea of a space-fantasy manga would create an exciting challenge for him given the genre’s lack of popularity nowadays, especially in shonen.

In the afterword of Edens Zero Volume 3, Mashima describes Edens Zero as a mesh of both Fairy Tale and Rave Master. 

In Japan, the first volume of Edens Zero reached 13th place on the weekly Oricon chart, with 30,178 copies sold. The second volume ranked 16th with 41,506 copies sold, and the third volume at 18th place with 31,316 copies. Check out the sales evolution of the manga below:

Edens Zero manga is rated 7.1/10 and ranked #6174 with 33k members on MyAnimeList


Source by J.C. Staff

In the final episode of Edens Zero season 1, “Someone to Love,” Shiki and Kurenai combine their powers to destroy the mech, but the latter gets captured.

Homura is chosen to decide Kurenai s’ fate and fakes emotions to gain his sympathy and forgiveness. Despite Kurenai s’ antics, Homura doesn’t budge and asks her to leave, as Valkyrie is determined as her true Mother.

The news of Valkyrie s’ death reaches Edens Zero, which prompts Witch and Sister to recreate her backup data. But doing this will only create an android with no emotions about Valkyrie and her relationship with the crew.

They accept their loss, and Homura agrees to replace Valkyrie in the four Shining Stars. 

Edens Zero season one covered till Chapter 68 from the manga, which means Edens Zero Season 2 will pick up from Volume 9: Chapter 69.

With the Four shining Stars assembled, the crew can venture beyond the Sakura Cosmos. Drakken Joe is attracted by a legendary ship and decides to take over it alongside all the treasure.

Shiki is caught in Joe s’ trap as he moves closer to Edens Zero, and this leads to an all-out battle with the Dark Alchemist to save their home. Despite the low chance of survival, Rebecca gives a new hope as a special power within her is awakened.

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Source by J.C. Staff

Edens Zero season one was directed by Yuji Suzuki. A few months before the new season announcement in February 2022, Yuji passed away. 

Fans of the anime series mourned as they learned of the passing, as the official website released a statement on 3rd October 2021 about the unfortunate news.

The Series is composed and scripted by Mitsutaka Hirota while Shinji Ishihara is the chief director. 

Characters are designed by Yurika Sako, and the music is composed by Yoshihisa Hirano. Animation is produced by J.C. Staff, with Yurika Sako as the animation director.

You can find the list of Edens Zero anime characters and voice cast below:

 Rebecca BluegardenMikako Komatsu
 Shiki GranbellTakuma Terashima
 Labilia ChristyAyumi Ayano
 JusticeDaisuke Namikawa
 Wise SteinerHiromichi Tezuka
 XiaomeiHonoka Inoue
 ZiggyHouchu Ohtsuka
 Hermit MioKanon Takao
 MotherKikuko Inoue
 Witch RegretKiyono Yasuno
 AmiraMegumi Satou
 Madame KurenaiMie Sonozaki
 Mosco Versa-0Mitsuo Iwata
 Valkyrie YunaMiyuki Sawashiro
 HappyRie Kugimiya
 Elsie CrimsonSayaka Ohara
 Homura KōgetsuShiki Aoki
 E.M. PinoShiori Izawa
 Drakken JoeTaiten Kusunoki
 JinnYūki Shin
 Sister IvryYukiyo Fujii


Source by J.C. Staff

Edens Zero Season 2 will really up the ante for Shiki and crew.

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