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6 New Games That will be Console-Exclusive

When it comes to video games, personal computers are an old story. Gaming enthusiasts now rely on gaming consoles. Of course, gaming consoles provide an entirely different and refreshing experience. Similarly, there’s a lot more to gaming than the good old PC games. A number of games these days are console-exclusive. 

If you’re looking for such games, you’ve come to the right place. In this article today, we’re going to talk about console-exclusive games, especially those that are new as well as the ones that are launching soon; hence, need to be on your gaming bucket list. 

So, gird your loins, get your gaming console checked inside out, make sure you have everything it requires for a great gameplay, and don’t forget to optimize your console experience with a VPN. After all, you wouldn’t want to have a compromised gaming experience with all these new games coming in. The following are a few of the best ones:

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

The first one on our list for today is Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. It’s the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy. It will continue from the end of the first part; however, it isn’t a full remake. It will work in a parallel timeline and bring along a lot of new things for you. 

There are no spoilers at the moment and it’s hard to guess what will happen in the game, but according to the trailers of the game, we expect a great shift in the storyline. It might bring Zack Fair back as an alive character and change Sephiroth into an ally. It will be available for PS5 and will be launched by the end of the year.

Death Standing 2 

Developed by the Avant-garde, Kojima Productions, it’s another highly anticipated console-exclusive game. Its first part introduced an entirely different gaming genre with walking simulators weirding out the planet and now the second part is in the making with another interesting storyline. It’s expected to bring a fresh perspective to the game with new and different characters. 

Again, we don’t know much about this game either as Kojima Productions has only released cinematic trailers. There are no gameplay clips available so far; therefore, guessing the storyline is hard. Also, we don’t have a release date for this game but it’s expected to be here by 2024, somewhere in the middle of the year.

MARVEL’s Wolverine

If you’re a gaming console enthusiast, we’re confident that you already know so much about MARVEL’s Wolverine and are already waiting for its release. All thanks to Deadpool 3, people are now highly interested in Wolverine, making MARVEL’s Wolverine one of the most highly-anticipated console-exclusive games. 

A lot of people are already calling it an insomniac game as they believe it’s going to be totally addicting. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have a release timeline or schedule, which is a bit disappointing. However, it should be here by Winter 2023 or early 2024, so we suggest you buckle up for this adventurous ride. 

Baldur’s Gate III

Ranking fourth is Baldur’s Gate III. It has been around as early access for PC gamers for quite some time now, but the good news is that it will be fully released by the end of the year. It isn’t a console-exclusive game as it’s also available on PC; however, it’s sure to provide a distinctive experience for PlayStation users, whether one plays it with a friend or alone.

Moreover, it’s going to be a treat for thrill lovers. It will take you on a journey full of dangers and surprises while you’ll feel lost, affected, and abducted. It will be an adventurous journey whether you be a dwarf, an elf, or a human. Plus, its storyline is packed with cinematic experience, so it will definitely keep you hooked to the screen for hours.

Spider-Man 2 

After Spider-Man’s first game which was a mega-hit, we’ll now have Spider-Man 2 that’s launching in October 2023 exclusively on PS5. It will pick up the storyline of Spider-Man 1 with new directions and hopefully, a few new characters as well. 

It’s anticipated to be another insomniac game, and of course, since we’re suckers for spoilers, we’ll share with you another great news. Spider-Man 3: No Way Home is also coming out soon. It has already been announced that the third part is in the making, so if you’re a Spider-Man fan, make sure not to miss it.

Stellar Blade 

Last but not least, we have Stellar Blade, another console-exclusive game that’s in the making at the South Korean SHIFT UP Corporation. It’s expected to be released in the first half of 2023. It is believed to have an amazing storyline and phenomenal graphics. 

In fact, the development of this game was so great that its marketing rights were bought by Sony midway and now they’ll be publishing it. If you liked NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, the evergreen mobile game, you’ll love this one, too. It’s from the same developer and is sure to bring adventurous gameplay.

The Final Word…

There are dozens of console-exclusive games out there. While some have been around for quite some time, others are pretty new. Similarly, a lot of them are in the making and will be here shortly. The ones mentioned above are definitely a few hot ones and if you’re a console fan, you must add them to your gaming bucket list.

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