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World has been on a surge of pandemic and deadly threats and challenges coming out of it, but one thing has not been avoided or stopped is the “entertainment” which can be closely related to any niche may it be web series, movies or comics. Similarly the trailer of spider man has now been an active mode of conversations between individuals fascinated about the comics such as spider man, batman etc. This article will thus accentuate upon extracting about the trailer of spider man and how the trailer has surprisingly revealed the return of “green goblin” and “doc ock”. 

Before jumping onto any conclusion about the same, let us first have a quick review of which company produces it routinely.


According to the net sensations, spider man is a fictional character which is made by two amazing personalities namely Stan lee and Steve, the producers of the spiderman series are Laurs Ziskin and Ian Bryce and co producers are Marvel Studios who have taken an initiative of producing the series and presenting a good material in front of the target audience.


Tobey Maguire Wearing Spider-Man Suit Again For No Way Home Shares How It Felt
Tobey Maguire Wearing Spider-Man Suit Again For No Way Home Shares How It Felt

There has been eight different parts of spiderman series till now which are majestic from each other as every other part had something different or crispy in itself. The ninth part would be “Spider Man: No way home”. Let us have a quick glance at eight different parts and what special they had in itself for entertaining the audience-

1. SPIDER-MAN- (2002) – Spider Man the very first part had everything that audience would love, a big budget movie which was thoroughly based on connecting the audience with the character of “Parker”.

2. SPIDER-MAN 2- (2004) – Spider Man 2 was the second part in continuance of the first part which totally was a improvement to the first part through which “parker” struggled to pay the bills but was successful in amazing everyone with his impeccable humor.

3. SPIDER-MAN 3- (2007) – Spider Man 3 was the third part which somehow failed to impress the audience. It was a flop show of overburdening of different villains.

4. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN- (2012) – The amazing spider man was the fourth part which was categorized by a young parker who made efforts to fight with a massive lizard.

5. THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2- (2014)   – The amazing spider man 2 was the fifth part in which peter parker faced many challenges with the villains termed as “Electro” and “Hary Osborn”.

6. SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING- (2017) – The sixth part was a collaboration between Sony and Marvel which gave a new shape to the whole series.

7. SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER VERSE- (2018) – The seventh part consists of a child who gets bitten by spider activated radically and thus therefore develops familiar abilities.

8. SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME- (2019) – The eighth part was a mere effort to add effects in the film by producing silliness which thus became a source of amusement for the audience and specially the kids.

Tobey Maguire Spider Man Breaks The Record With No Way Home
Source by Marvel


The ninth part by just its name is quiet exciting when it says “no way home” specifically its telling us that the crisp and thriller has just begun, in the trailer new effects regarding the laser and other sensations can also be witnessed, the ninth edition is also a collaboration between the Sony and Marvel studios. In the trailer, there has been a great and astonished chemistry between parker and his wonder but on the same side, it has even thrilled us with Doc ock’s magic’s doing speculations in the trailer. Green Goblin can also be seen in the trailer with his explicit expressions giving us a hint that the movie would be magnificent and miraculous than the other movies.


While the trailers are just small scenes from the films, but still they give us an idea that how film is going to serve their audience in terms of suspense and entertainment. The ninth edition is quiet exciting and thrilling but as said the trailers are just small scenes, it would be justifiable if we just for the release date and hold our excitements for some time, as it can be “worth” the wait.

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