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Spoiler: All Eposide Titles and logos of The Witcher Season 2 – Exclusive

Netflix and the CD project Red co-hosted the first official WitcherCon, and it was a bonger! In addition to several sneak glimpses(The Witcher Season 2), franchise fans have what they want: A much expected first look at season 2 of Witcher as a teaser with action.

A little earlier, alongside their unique logos (amazingly made by Polish concept artist Michał Niewiara), Netflix released also seven of the eight episodes. Many people have already guessed what the new titles signify, but here are some (partially) new facts on the authors and filmmakers behind these episodes. Keep in mind that the books and perhaps the programme will be a spoiler!

Episode 1: A Grain of Truth

Credit : Netflix

Declan De Barra wrote and directed Stephen Surjik in the inaugural episode of the second year.

A Gram of Truth is the title of Andrzej Sapkowski’s much-loved short storey that did not come into one season, as most of you would remember. He is inspired by the beauty and the beast in the fairy tale, and he sees Geralt chasing a vampire just outside a manor belonging to the doomed nobleman Nivellen (Kristofer Hivju). We have known that the first episode adapts this narrative for some time, and it reflects the title is not surprising.

A flying monster with claws is shown in the episode logo. A lesser vampire, Vereena bruxa (Agnes Born), plays a significant part in a short narrative that is pretty effectively depicted.

Episode 2: Kaer Morhen

Credit : Netflix

Episode Two, directed by Stephen Surjik, was written by Beau De Mayo.

Every fan of The Witcher will recognise this, as both novels and games are known by Kaer Morhen, the old Witcher fortress. At last, we can see Geralt from Rivia and all of the other hecklers, including Vesemir and Eskel, Lambert and Paul Bullion and Coeen. We’ll be able to view Geralt from Rivia (Yasen Atour). We expect an emphasis on the witch’s mind and riddles in this episode, as Ciri introduces himself to this legendary monster-killing secret fraternity.

The emblem displays a medallion of a witcher with a fantastic nearly skeleton-like wolf’s head. The vines or roots are springing from the head. We know that the Witchers will face a giant forest monster called Leshy. Our best chance is that the grapes are Leshy. We have our idea based on inward knowledge about why they may arise from the head of a wolf: See this if you want to know more about MAJOR SPOILERS but be careful about it.

Episode 3: What is Lost

Credit : Netflix

Clare Higgins, Lauren Hissrich and Sarah O’Gorman co-wrote Episode three.

The term What is lost is somewhat riddled with a lot of things (which it may). The history of the sorcerers comes to mind since they have lost their capacity or expertise to lead the grass trial and produce new sorcerers. During her trip, Yennefer lost quite a bit: a family (that was never) an aim (although she appears to have found it again), a boyfriend (or more?). Finally, Ciri, who has lost her family and home and will still have to deal with it, maybe stated the same thing.

The logo displays a bird with what appears to be broken wings that might suggest a focus on Ciri because its emblem is the swallow.

Episode 4: Redanian Intelligence

Credit : Netflix

The Four episodes were written and directed by Sarah O’Gorman and by Sneha Koorse.

The books, generally renowned as the most effective intelligence organisation on the continent, the Redanian intelligence secret service overshadowed the far bigger Nilfga private service on several occasions. Oh, and it occurs that our site’s name is also. Seriously, it came to us as a big surprise, but certainly a welcome one!

Return to the issue. Season 2 will be presented by Spymaster Sigismund Dijkstra (Graham McTavish), the chief of Redanian Intelligence, who works as a grey leader in the shadows of Redania King Vizimir (Ed Birch). The title suggests a strong emphasis on politics on the continent, and we’re here to do it! Philippa Eilhart may also be present (Cassie Clare).

The logo is a relatively apparent cloak and a benchmark, with pictures of espionage, intrigue and an excellent old back stable recalling instantly.

Episode 5: Turn your Back

Credit : Netflix

Haily Hall wrote Episode Five and Ed Bazalgette directed it.

One of the things that may imply various things and keep us guessing is the headline “Turn your back”. It might be treachery, a show of confidence, or even an act of physically or symbolically leaving behind. A betrayal implies a darker environment, and specific scenarios from the novels, such as Triss (Anna Shaffer) that sleep with Geralt, betrays her buddy Yennefer. If you can observe that Ciri refers to her in the latter sense and eventually ends her life in a chapter.

Scales are applied to a sharp-edged item for the logo. Scales are traditionally linked with justice or weighing a decision, but no Witcher metaphor immediately comes to mind. Is that the case?

Episode 6: Dear Friend

Credit : Netflix

Matthew D’Ambrosio wrote the script for Episode Six, which Louise Hooper directed.

Dear Friend is a brilliant allusion to Geralt’s now-infamous letter to Yennefer. For the uninitiated, the two had not seen one other in years at the time of writing. So, when Geralt needed a witch, he addressed a letter to his former girlfriend, beginning it awkwardly with the words “Dear Friend.” Yennefer, being Yennefer, was quick to admonish him in her inimitable manner, and her response was not without a dash of derision.

As though someone is conjuring fire, the episode logo displays a hand that partially merges into what appears to be flames. When Yennefer destroyed the Nilfgaardian army at the Battle of Sodden, we saw her use fire magic to terrible effect. Perhaps she’ll get another chance to show off her abilities in the upcoming season. We can think of a couple of examples.

Episode 7: Voleth Meir

Credit : Netflix

Louise Hooper directed Episode Seven, which Michael Ostrowski most likely scripted.

Voleth Meir (played by renowned actress Ania Marson) is the most enigmatic of the new characters featured in season two. She was characterised as a “very elderly white-haired woman” in an early casting call. A demon who roams the world bartering for people’s most profound and darkest desires ‘.

Voleth Meir is elven, meaning “Deathless Mother,” and she will play a role in Ciri’s narrative, we discovered later. Aside from that, little is known about her background, motivations, or relevance to the report.

Is it, therefore Voleth Meir’s skull that appears in the logo sequence? Probably, however, she might also occur as a white-haired elderly lady. In any event, the fact that an entire episode was titled for her adds to the role’s mystique.

Episode 8: [Top secret]

Credit : Netflix

The last episode has yet to be given a title or a logo. We’re pretty confident showrunner Lauren Hissrich authored this one herself (like she did in the first season), and we know Ed Bazalgette directed it. Your guess is as good as ours as to where season two will take us and everything else, as Lauren put it; as we go further into Blood of Elves and beyond, there are many new people, tales, and creatures to discover.

What are your thoughts on the new episode names and logos, and what hypotheses do you have? Let us know in the comments section below.

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