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All New & Returning Characters in Marvel’s She Hulk Show

The soon to be released Marvel’s She Hulk: Attorney at Law brings back a few characters while introducing new ones, both heroes and villains.

Marvel released the first trailer for ‘She Hulk: Attorney at Law’ on May 19, 2022. The trailer depicted the life and adventures of Jennifer Walters. And it gave Marvel fans an all-new story and new speculations. It showed how MCU Phase 4 would represent its heroes, both old and new.

What does the trailer consist of?

The first thing that we can complement in the trailer is that the series will not be on a dramatic note like most of the Marvel series and movies premiered in 2021 and 2022. The trailer gives the audience a hint about the comic timing and perfect balance in the life of She Hulk.

Jennifer Walters is learning to tackle the She Hulk inside her, who is undoubtedly a part of her life. She is not only showcasing how flawlessly she is managing the She Hulk but is also a thriving lawyer at a firm in New York. She even gets to be the head of the SuperHuman Division of the firm.

Besides that, in that trailer, we can see she’s a ‘modern’ woman, balancing all aspects of life without leaving behind the fun of dating.

The ‘She Hulk: Attorney at Law’ trailer is jam-packed with references to the multiple schemes of different MCU movies and series. For now, the trailer has shown multiple returning characters both in the form of heroes and villains, but not only that; it has introduced new characters to Phase 4 of Marvel as well.

Some of the She Hulk cast we will discuss below.

Tatiana Maslany as She Hulk

Source by Marvel

As far as the trailer has suggested, the cast of She Hulk is one good team, many talented actors and one of which is Tatiana. The role of Jennifer Walters in She Hulk MCU is played by Tatiana Maslany.

The trailer shows that she’s not a regular MCU superhero; she will juggle her work life as a lawyer at a big-shot firm in New York and her gamma-powered She Hulk life. To be precise, the trailer suggests that she will thrive in both of the fields.

First, she represents the ‘SuperHuman Division’ at her law firm. It suggests that she is good at what she does, and her employer trusts her too—point one to She Hulk.

Second, Jennifer Walters, the lawyer, is ‘handling’ the She Hulk in her better than Bruce Banner did when he newly became the Incredible Hulk. She is seen roaming around in public with her green-tinted body, and she is not easily enraged.

Besides that, the She Hulk seems to enjoy her dating life.

But how did she turn into the Hulk?

Marvel seems to be sticking to the original plot of the comics when it comes to the question of how Jennifer Walters, a regular lawyer, turned into She Hulk.

Bruce Banner refers to her as his cousin in the trailer. It suggests that there might have been a series of happenings which lead to a blood transfusion from Bruce to Jennifer. It led to the gamma affected blood being injected in Jennifer and ultimately turning her into She Hulk.

At least that’s what happened in the comic books.

In one of the trailer scenes, Jennifer Walters talks to her friend about how she thinks superheroes are for ‘rich narcissists’. Being a superhero and saving the world is not on her to-do list.

But the fans are sure that she will get on the hero lane and save everyone from whatever issue that Marvel will put before her as the circumstances unfold.

Mark Ruffalo as Smart Hulk

Source by Marvel

Mark Ruffalo is one of the ‘original six’ cast members of the Avengers Age. There is no doubt that he has played the role of Hulk perfectly and has done justice to it, and it is why he is loved by the fans like all the original cast members.

Now about his role in She Hulk: The Attorney at Law. The first thing that intrigued the fans was how Hulk’s arm injury got fixed in She Hulk? It raised multiple speculations: what if the timeline on which the She Hulk is based is before Avengers: Endgame.

In the new series of She Hulk, Bruce Banner will guide his cousin, Jennifer Walters on how to be Hulk. Smart Hulk teaches her how to embrace her superhuman self and put it to best use.

Although the trailer did not give much detail about what the She Hulk script might have for Smart Hulk, the series has 10-episodes so far, as confirmed officially. So we may hope that we get to see Hulk more and the disappointing past in Marvel gets sorted out.

Jameela Jamil as Titania

Source by Marvel

Let us introduce you to Jameela first. You may remember her from the heaven-hell based comedy series The Good Place. Yes, Titania, the villain in She Hulk MCU, is played by Tahani of Good Place.

Now let’s come to Titania. She makes a short appearance in the trailer, but she is the key-villain of She Hulk. When we read comics, we see Titania as a petite girl who her classmates bully for her frame. But then she got the opportunity to become a superhuman by Doctor Doom’s arch-nemesis of Fantastic Four.

The only condition was that she will have to join Doctor Doom’s villain party if she goes through with it. A girl who was bullied her whole life doesn’t just let this opportunity slide away. Because of obvious reasons she takes up Doom on his word and turns into Titania. The action-packed series- She Hulk will deliver more about her when it releases.

Benedict Wong as Wong

Source by Marvel

The Sorcerer Supreme: Wong is returning in She Hulk MCU as his connection with Abomination. Although no plotline about his role has been revealed yet, it is popular belief that he is connected to the Abomination plot.

If they both are acting together it will solve the long-running mystery of how they ended up together in Shang-Chi and finally bring some closure to fans’ imagination.

Tim Roth as Abomination

Source by Marvel

The villain Abomination, played by Tim Roth first appeared in The Incredible Hulk: 2008. He was the nemesis of Hulk and has been with Marvel since the beginning of MCU. Although it’s been more than a decade since we last saw him but as we know

Marvel never fails to surprise its fans. He next appeared in Shang-Chi while fighting with Wong the Soccer Supreme.

One noteworthy thing about him is that he had Hulk’s blood in his body first, i.e. before She Hulk. Now the possibilities run far wider, as he could be one of the good guys and help Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner tame the She Hulk in her.

About how he became a good guy? That’s still unknown, but his role in Shang Chi was not of a villain, suggesting he turned over a new leaf now that he is joining the cast of She Hulk.

Eugene Patilio as Frog-Man

Frog Man
Source by Marvel

When we discuss the comics, Frog-Man has been a helping hand to many teams and individual superheroes, like Spider Man. Unlike most Marvel vigilantes, Frog Man is just a regular person, with no super power or fighting skills.

What he lacks in strength he makes up for being a hilarious character who has been introduced to add humour and funny puns to She Hulk. It might mean that he does not have a significant role or storyline to deliver but is sure to keep the audience entertained.


All New & Returning Characters in Marvel's She Hulk Show
Source by Marvel

The new Marvel series, She Hulk: The Attorney at Law, introduces and brings back nostalgia to the plotline. Even though the CGI of She Hulk has disappointed the audience so far, it can make up for it by bringing an awesome script which is action-packed and never leaves a chance to make the audience laugh.

She Hulk release date-

The series is scheduled to release on August 17 2022 with ten-episodes on Disney+.

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