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How Ant Man 3’s Kang Variant will be different from Loki series?

With the end of the Loki series, we have MCU’s first Kang the conqueror variant. However, through Loki’s he who remains(ant man 3), we can’t fully decide what to expect from Ant man and the Wasp: quantumania’s version of Kang the conqueror. Even though Ant man 3’s Kang variant will be entirely different from the one in the Loki series, it surely set up the stage for what’s to come from MCU phase 4.

Loki series’ Kang the Conqueror Variant sets the stage for Ant Man 3’s Kang.

Where is Ravonna Renslayer headed Kang the Conqueror

It wasn’t a surprise that marvel used the Loki series to set up the stage for the introduction of MCU’s next big bad villain, Kang the conqueror. Since the time travel series was the perfect opportunity for Kang’s appearance in MCU before Ant man 3. Also, the character was put in the spotlight as in the finale of the Loki series; it was revealed that Kang was the one behind the Time Variance Authority. He’s been the one controlling and pulling the strings of the time variance authority all this time.

Not only was he who remains – Kang variant was controlling the TVA, but he was also the one who caused a multiversal war after discovering different timelines. Even though his name was never mentioned, it’s clear that he who remains is a variant of Kang the conqueror. Later on, Sylvie kills the Kang variant at the end of the episode, thus giving a fresh arc for the Marvel Universe spiralling around various versions of Kang striving for superiority.

Difference between Loki’s and Ant man 3’s Kang Variants 

Tom Hiddleston's Loki Laufeyson Will Returns In Doctor Strange 2
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In the upcoming years, many embodiments of Kang the Conqueror can join the MCU, including Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, Ant man 3 and Loki season 2. In Ant man 3, the spotlight will be on the most proper version of Kang the Conqueror of MCU till now.

Many different versions of Kang are present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to kangs time travel shenanigans. Some of them have grown into Marvel Comics characters with their own identities, including prime Kang conqueror, iron lad, immortus, Ram-tut, and scarlet centurion. 

Ant Man and The Wasp: Quantumania’s Kang will be the ultimate version

ant man 3
ant man 3

After marvel specifically named the character Kang the conqueror in its casting announcement for Ant man and the Wasp: quantumania and the costume featured on Loki statue in the final episode of the series, it’s enough evidence to prove that MCU will focus on representing the main version of the character in the Marvel Comics for the upcoming movie.

Kang the conqueror, is supposedly a descendant of Mr fantastic or doctor doom. The character is from the 31st century. Nathaniel Richards, aka Kang, got his powers from some highly advanced weaponry and technology he got his hands on. With the help of highly advanced technology, he was able to time travel into different periods. Aided by his intelligence and technology, Kang began his excursion to conquer other civilisations and was somewhat successful. As he got victory over the years, he started to believe that he was invincible. However, his belief was shattered when he met The Avengers, who prevented him from taking over the modern-day earth multiple times. After getting defeated by the team multiple times, he developed a hatred for The Avengers.

Loki Series Finally Explains Why Endgame Time Travel Didn’t Break The Multiverse
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Even though Kang the conqueror doesn’t possess some superpowers, he is dangerous enough to defeat The Avengers single-handedly. He can hold himself well in combat thanks to his armoury of high tech weapons. One more important detail was revealed when Kang remarked on being called a conqueror, suggesting that he has already lived the life of Kang the conqueror.

Ant man 3’s Kang the conqueror will be the ultimate version of Kang. He is going to be the biggest threat out of all the Kang variants. He is a power-hungry villain with highly advanced technologies and weapons at his disposal. Kang already has a huge god complex and believes that he deserves to rule over others and make them submit to him. This perspective is one of the main reasons he is a huge threat to The Avengers.

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Another reason why Kang is one of the biggest enemies of the Avengers is that he targets them specifically. Kang’s ambition and hatred are what drives him to do what he does. After losing to The Avengers several times, Kang is determined to get his vengeance and end The Avengers. If the ant man and the wasp quantumania Bring these qualities to their version of Kang the conqueror in MCU, he can become one of the most sinister villains ever and give the heroes in MCU a hard time.

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