Marvel Movie Timeline: When Black Widow Is Set In The MCU Timeline (DURING Civil War)

With the release of Black Widow, Marvel subtly just confirmed where the events of Black Widow takes place in the Marvel movie timeline, and it’s not as simple as it first appeared to be. It took place at the same time as the events of Captain America: Civil war, not after it. It’s been almost a decade since Natasha Romanoff made her debut in MCU and Black Widow Marvel finally gives Natasha Romanoff her solo adventure.

What does Black Widow Marvel have in store for the fans?

Marvel Reveals New ‘Black Widow’ Poster After Release Date Change

Even though her character died in Avengers: Endgame, Black Widow gave her a proper goodbye that she deserved and couldn’t get in the Endgame. Picking all the crucial details about Nats’ arc throughout her career in the MCU, Black Widow shows her origin story in-depth, giving her a new family and supports why the Avengers became her people. That’s despite her being forced to lie low at the end of Captain America: Civil war after deceiving Tony Stark.

How do the events of Civil War and Black Widow Co-occur in the Marvel Movie Timeline?

Marvel Reveals New ‘Black Widow’ Poster After Release Date Change

For a very long time, it has been speculated that Black Panther will disclose what was Natasha up to in the times between Captain America: Civil war and Avengers: Infinity war. However, it’s not wholly accurate, and we got to know about it because of the final scene before the credits. 

 It specified where Natasha is headed next – to help Steve Rogers break team Captain America out of the underwater Raft prison for superheroes or super-criminals. It means the events of Black Widow take place simultaneously with their captivity in the Raft, meaning that the events of the two films actually co-occur with each other.

Was Natasha Present On The Raft During The Breakout In Civil War?

Marvel Reveals New ‘Black Widow’ Poster After Release Date Change

Black Widow reveals that Captain America would not have successfully escaped with his friends if Black Widow didn’t have access to the Quinjet that she borrowed from Mason. Also, the movie confirms that Cap was not alone during the breakout. Black Widow was there with him all along, hidden somewhere.

 The movie confirmed that The Avengers were imprisoned in the Raft for longer than it appeared in Captain America: Civil war as Black widow’s event takes place for a couple of days. The final scene occurs two weeks after the destruction of the red room.

Marvel Reveals New ‘Black Widow’ Poster After Release Date Change

It is important stuff for the Marvel movie timeline but the decision also cleverly worked out the problem as to why the other Avengers didn’t come to help Natasha defeat Dreykov and taskmaster. For the first time, MCU has a reason why the lead didn’t get a helping hand from other allies in a solo superhero movie. 

We are sure that you are as surprised as we were after discovering the truth. Black Widow has finally done justice to Natasha Romanoff’s character after a decade of being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have watched the mind-blowing film, make sure you do as well. Do not miss out on this great adventure. If you’ve already seen Black Widow, do tell us how you liked the movie in the comment section.

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