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Ben Affleck Batman: Disclose Matt Damon Helped Him Leave DCEU

Ben Affleck Batman in the DU Extended Universe, mentioned that his best friend Matt Damon was “a principle influence”, helping to leave his role as Batman.

Matt Damon, an American Actor, film producer and screenwriter, is a dear old friend of Ben Affleck, the Batman in DC Extended Universe. In the 1980s, Ban Affleck and Matt Damon became friends when they were kids and have been friends since. Both of them made decisions that kept each other close in their careers too.

In 1997, both of them wrote a screenplay named Good Will Hunting, which resulted in an Oscar award and Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay. And they are never secretive about their friendship but always announce it on the biggest platforms, interviews and online.

Batman Ben Affleck Disclose Matt Damon Helped Him Leave DCEU
Source by DCEU

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon worked on their second screenplay together in the previous year, The Last Duel. In the second one, they both co-starred, which was directed by Ridley Scott, popularly known for directing science fiction films like Aliens and Blade Runner.

Matt Damon debuted in the DC Extended Universe in the year 2016 as Dark Knight in the premiere Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. He performed again in other DCEU premieres of Suicide Squad and Justice League. Matt Damon movies are a lot, and he was once played the role of The Flash.

But eventually, he dropped off of the Batman Project, for which there are various reasons. Matt Damon mentioned that he was cast out of the roles when Matt Reeves joined forces with Robert Pattinson again, who was in the lead role.

Ben Affleck Batman: Leaving the Role

Batman Ben Affleck Disclose Matt Damon Helped Him Leave DCEU
Source by DCEU

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, where Ben Affleck interviewed Matt Damon. In that interview, Ben Affleck pointed out how Damon was a major help in deciding to leave behind the role of Batman from DCEU Movies. Ben even mentioned that Damon was a “principle influence” in this decision.

Ben Affleck disclosed that working with Matt Damon on the second screenplay, The Last Duel, reminded him about his love for the moviemaking process. He mentioned that his experience during the movie of Justice League was unpleasant, he really hit rock-bottom, and there were various reasons behind that.

Ben Affleck said that he is not blaming anyone for the low time he faced during the Justice League. But he was not really happy as there were a lot of things happening around him. Ben Affleck didn’t like being there on the sets of Justice League, and he didn’t think it was interesting. At that point, he realized that he wasn’t going to do that anymore.

Batman Ben Affleck Disclose Matt Damon Helped Him Leave DCEU
Source by DCEU

“In fact, I talked to you about it and you were a principal influence on that decision. I want to do the things that would bring me joy. Then we went and did Last Duel and I had fun every day on this movie. I wasn’t the star, I wasn’t likeable. I was a villain. I wasn’t all the things I thought I was supposed to be when I started out and yet it was a wonderful experience. And it was all just stuff that came along that I wasn’t chasing.” – Bed Affleck.

During the press tour for The Tender Bar, Matt Damon talked about the unpleasant time Ben Affleck faced during the time of Justice League. Matt Damon doesn’t specify the ‘awful things’ Ben Affleck went through, but he did refer to the divorce Ben went through with Jennifer Garner.

Although Ben Affleck Batman has turned down his future project as Batman or Batman movies, the DCEU fans can look forward to his last appearance as Batman in The Flash on November 4.

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