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Infinite Stratos; When will be Infinite Stratos Season 3 Release date?

Infinite Stratos season 3 might be coming as the controversies have already started in the news.


Infinite Stratos began as a light novel from Izuru Yumizuru and was illustrated by Okiura. Twelve volumes have been released since the series started in 2009, with the 13th volume being the final.

Yumizuru was the manga’s first adaptation in 2010, and it was five volumes long and published over two years.

Let’s see if there are possibilities of Infinite Stratos Season 3.


The second manga, which lasted longer, was released in 2013, concluding in 2020, and terminating eight volumes.

The story revolves around the famous Infinite Stratos technology, among the most potent combat weapons to date. The armored exoskeleton is spread worldwide to ensure that no one can overtake the other unfairly.

Women, causing considerable shifts in the power balance around the world, and placing women on the top of the list, only use it. Ten years later, after the social change, Ichika Orimura discovers he is an adult who can utilize infinity Stratos technology.

The result is that he’s enrolled in the Infinite Stratos Academy in Japan in a place where he’s surrounded women who are also training to become exoskeleton pilots.

Infinite Stratos Season 3- All You Need To Know
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Amid all the sexual tension and danger, there’s a massive risk within the confines of what appears to be a reasonably normal school environment.

The First Season of the series created by studio Eight Bit came out in 2011 and was a 12-episode series. The anime was then followed by another OVA, Infinite Stratos Encore A Sextet Yearning For Love, released that same year.

Season 2, appropriately named infinite Stratos 2 Also, had 12 episodes that were aired in 2013.

Two OVAs followed the show, Long Vacation Edition, and World Purge-hen.

Since then, there has been nothing new within the Infinite Stratos franchise regarding animated adaptations, which has left those who love the series wondering if it’s the end of the road for the franchise.

Unfortunately, there has been no information regarding the show to announce its continuation or its cancellation. A large part of the reason is the original material.

Even though these light novel series have been in production for some time, there are not many of them, and there’s not much to be adapted for the new Season.

Infinite Stratos Season 3- All You Need To Know
Source by Anime

In addition, the fact that the time has passed since the last Season 2 has made the prospect of Infinite Stratos Season 3 even less likely.

Even if these obstacles were cleared and a third (and likely the final) Season was announced.

It will not be released for at least an entire year.

Key takeaways

With the other franchise segments being completed or close to being finished.

It seems that any new material to The Infinite Stratos anime is not likely to be released anytime soon.

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