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Spider-Man No Way Home: Daredevil’s Brick Catch Was a Last Minute Change

The last premier of MCU, Spider-Man: No Way Home, was applauded for its VFX, and recently the supervisor of the VFX has revealed a piece of interesting news regarding Daredevil’s role.

In the month of December 2021, the next phase three of the multiverse was released, named Spider-Man: No Way Home. The film covered the events after the last part of Spider-Man: Far From Home, where one of Spider-Man’s villains, Mysterio, revealed Spider-Man’s identity to the whole world, mentioning Peter Parker as Spider-Man. The villain also labeled Peter Parker as a murderer.

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No Way Home is picked up from the events afterward, where the whole world knows who Spider-Man is, because of which he and his loved ones are being treated badly. The treatment his loved ones faced made him seek Doctor Strange’s help to make the world forget about who Spider-Man was Dr. Strange did find a spell that would solve Peter’s problem. However, during the casting of the spell, there were some disturbances that led to opening up the multiverse. All the villains Spider-Man has ever known came to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker’s universe.

At the end of the premier, everything was solved, and all those who came to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker’s timeline were sent back to their own ones. And because of all the visual effects, the movie was loved by the whole world as it became one of the highest-grossing films in 2021. In the 94th Academy Awards, No Way Home film was chosen to be awarded for its Visual Effects, among other things.

Daredevil Spider-Man No Way Home: New Fact

Spider-Man No Way Home: Daredevil’s Brick Catch Was a Last Minute Change
Source by Marvel

Well, VFX wasn’t the only thing that led to its success, the contribution of the number of the Marvel Characters’ cameos in the film. And particularly, Matt Murdock’s cameo, played by Charlie Cox, was nominated as Most Memorable Scenes in Golden Schmoes Awards of 2021.

Matt Murdock entered the cinema offering Peter Parker some legal advice. While sitting with Peter Parker, his Aunt, and Happy, a brick came out of nowhere in Peter’s apartment, and Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, with his instant reflexes, saved them from that brick.

The VFX supervisor, Kelly Port, joined the Corridor Crew’s VFX Artist React recently for the breakdown of the movie’s CGIs. Kelly Port revealed that Daredevil’s cameo was changed post-production.

Spider-Man No Way Home: Daredevil’s Brick Catch Was a Last Minute Change
Source by Marvel

Kelly said about Daredevil No Way Home cameo, “It was a snowglobe. That’s one of those creative decisions that came after the fact…You can tell kinda by the shape of his palm that he’s actually grabbing something more spherical.”

As the Visual Effects Supervisor, Kelly Port, pointed out, the post-production change in Daredevil’s cameo wasn’t invisible. It was the most noticeable thing when Peter (Tom Holland) took a brick from Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) awkwardly with only three fingers on top and one on the side.

Still, without Kelly’s explanation of this change, snowglobe to brick, that awkward grip might be deleted as Peter’s characterization. And as Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man is a young character, he fulfills the amount of natural awkwardness of youth in the movies.

Well, we are only aware of the Visual Effects used for the superheroes and their exciting action. However, Kelly Port showed an unexpected way of using VFX in this one. The out-of-the-box VFX scene gave the Daredevil, Charlie Cox, a subtle yet thrilling debut in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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