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Details on IGT Seals 10-Year Long-Term Lottery System Extension in Malaysia

Lottery or 4D Lotto plays a huge part in the daily lives of non-Muslims in Malaysia. It allows some type of recreational activity to be done daily and increases the overall income of the country. Recently, IGT also announced that they have signed another 10-year extension contract with Pan Malaysia Pools SDN BHD to extend their system service and upgrade. The concept of lottery gaming is popular, you can even meet these types of games at 7slots

IGT Aurora System Upgrade

Under this new contract with IGT, they will proceed to upgrade the current PMP LST  that has been running for Malaysia’s central lottery system all these years. They will also provide system components to assist PMP’s business and grow them into a reputable company. Their system, which is called Aurora, has shown IGT a powerful side in the industry and will be a big asset for PMP’s Malaysia system. They also have an omnichannel solution, which is called OMNIA, which will integrate into the PMP’s platform along with Aurora.

“Over the last 12 years, IGT has demonstrated its forward-looking lottery expertise by helping PMP introduce innovative and responsible, growth-driving lottery solutions into the market,” said PMP managing director Tan Kong Han.

He also claimed that IGT has a sophisticated Aurora centralized system that gives advanced features and integration to their dmcGO platform. This will then help PMP to provide the lottery players with a better experience and convenience over the next 10 years.

4D Lottery Popularity in Malaysia

Malaysian residents have been familiar with the system ever since the early days. The system is one of the most popular forms of legalized gambling in Malaysia. Both young and old generations of Malaysians loved the fact that you can access lottery ticket purchasing even in most towns and small cities.

4D draws are held frequently, typically three times a week. This frequent schedule keeps the excitement levels high, as players don’t have to wait long to see if they’ve won. It also fosters a sense of anticipation and engagement within the community.

Moreover, the social aspect of the 4D lottery adds to its popularity. Malaysians often participate in group betting, known as “kaki toto,” where friends or colleagues contribute money and select numbers together. This social bonding enhances the enjoyment of the game.

The proliferation of 4D lottery outlets across the country contributes to its widespread popularity. These outlets are easily accessible, making it convenient for players to purchase tickets and check results.

Who Is IGT?

IGT (NYSE:IGT) stands as a global frontrunner in the gaming industry, committed to providing entertaining and responsible gaming experiences to players across various platforms and within regulated sectors. Their reach extends from Lotteries and Gaming Machines to Sports Betting and Digital platforms. Through a rich repository of captivating content, substantial investments in innovation, deep insights into player behavior, operational proficiency, and cutting-edge technology, our solutions offer unparalleled gaming experiences that captivate players and stimulate industry growth. 

With a well-established local presence and strong relationships with government bodies and regulatory authorities in over 100 jurisdictions worldwide, we consistently create value by upholding the highest standards of service, integrity, and social responsibility. IGT proudly maintains a workforce of approximately 10,500 employees.

It is good news in Malaysia that the big tech company IGT is continuing its support of Malaysia’s lottery system. Whether people like it or not, it has become an entertainment and culture for non-Muslims around the country. This 10-year contract will further solidify the purpose of the platform and improve the overall experience for everyone who plays it.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Did IGT extend the lottery system contract?

Yes IGT did extend the contract by signing the 10-year contract extension with Pan Malaysia Pools. It is to further maintain and improve the current existing LST  in Malaysia.

Is Malaysia’s lottery system fair and safe?

Yes, based on the system that is published by the PMP company, Malaysian players can see how it is held and everything is random. No winner is picked beforehand, and everyone’s chances are equal.

Where to buy the Malaysia 4D lottery?

You can visit different shops and stores across Malaysia. Depending on the type that you want to choose, you can go to stores with the names Da Ma Cai, Sports Toto, and Magnum. These stores will be found in most cities and are easily accessible.

When you reach the shop, just put in the number that you think will win and pay the counter to get the receipt. Wait for the results and win!

How to see 4D results?

You can see 4D results from most online pages, they will provide the current winnings or visit the shop’s official page.

Who is Pan Malaysia Pools?

Pan Malaysia Pools is the company that is currently controlling the lottery system that is in Malaysia.