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Dexter Season 9: John Lithgow Will Reprise His Role As Trinity Killer. Entire Dexter Cast Revealed.

There is good news for all the Dexter fans; it’s been confirmed that John Lithgow will return as the Trinity killer in Dexter season 9. The American TV show revolves around a forensic technician who leads a double life as a secret vigilante serial killer. Originally, the series was adapted from Jeff Lindsay’s Darkly Dreaming Dexter, but as more seasons came out, it perished from the existing source material.

Is Dexter Season 9 happening? What About The Dexter Cast?

John Lithgow Will Reprise His Role As Trinity Killer

Although the show is quite popular and appreciated, the show’s last season faced some serious backlash from both the critics and fans. The last season of the show concluded in 2013, and since then, fans have been waiting for the renewal of the series. After years of requests from fans, the makers officially announced that Clyde Phillips and Michael C Hall from the Dexter cast would return for a 10 episode series renewal.

Dexter Cast will include John Lithgow, Clyde Phillips and Michael C Hall with many new characters. 

John Lithgow Will Reprise His Role As Trinity Killer a

As for the Dexter cast, fans will see a bunch of new faces with few old faces in the upcoming season. The production for Dexter season 9 is currently ongoing. Recently, Deadline has revealed that John Lithgow has officially agreed to join the Dexter cast and reprise his role as the Trinity killer for Dexter season 9.

How will Trinity Killer return in Dexter season 9? What about his brutal season 4 death?

John Lithgow Will Reprise His Role As Trinity Killer

The producers have been quite secretive about how the Trinity killer will return to the show, but a few reports claim that the Emmy-winning actor will shoot for Dexter season 9 in Los Angeles for a couple of days. The show is expected to arrive on Showtime this fall.

Throughout the eight seasons of the series, the Dexter cast was packed with different intriguing people. Still, John’s Trinity killer has been called the best of Them, all thanks to the outstanding performance by John Lithgow and the powerful representation of the Trinity killer’s back story and the character’s arc. The character has regularly appeared on the top of the list of the best TV villains, and his Golden Globe and Emmy award is proof of his potential.

John Lithgow Will Reprise His Role As Trinity Killer

Trinity killer’s comeback has one problem, which is his brutal death at the hands of Hall’s character in Dexter season 4. However, it won’t be the first time a dead character will return in a film or television, but it still gives rise to many questions like how he will return. His character may feature flashbacks, or he could appear as a hallucination to the titular character with whom he shared a strong bond. Whatever the case, all will be revealed when Dexter season 9 returns this year.

John Lithgow Will Reprise His Role As Trinity Killer

Currently, there has been no official release date or trailer revealed for Dexter season 9. The makers are quite tight-lipped regarding the series revival aside from the fact that a few old characters will return to the Dexter cast. Till then, make sure you catch up with the previous seasons as it has been a very long time.

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