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The Witcher anime film’ Nightmare of the Wolf’ reveals its voice cast alongside a new teaser trailer.

On August 23, Netflix will broadcast The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, an animated film rooted in the Witcher universe. Vesemir will be the subject of the anime feature, which will be a precursor to the main series. We were interested to know who characters would accompany Vesemir on his voyage, and Netflix has finally revealed them — as well as the people who would voice them.

But, before we go over all of the new information, look at the teaser that was published today.

Synopsis: “The Witcher universe is expanded in this animated origin narrative. A teenage witcher named Vesemir lived in poverty before becoming Geralt of Rivia. But when a mysterious new creature terrorizes a politically troubled country, Vesemir is thrust into a terrifying journey that compels him to confront his previous demons. “

Along with the new trailer, Netflix unveiled the official descriptions and voice actors for the film’s key characters.

Theo James voices Vesemir

Credit : Netflix

A nobleman’s servant, Vesemir worked long days for little money. Official description: To find his purpose, he must break free from his social position and travel across the continent.

But we’ve only ever seen the aged and wise Vesemir in the literature and video games. Vesemir will be introduced in this anime film as a young witcher just beginning his adventure.

It will be voiced by Theo James, who has said characters in numerous Netflix animated productions, including Castlevania. A fun fact: Theo James has also voiced Vesemir in one of Geralt’s memories in season one.

In Season 2 of the main Witcher series, Kim Bodnai will represent Vesemir’s role (as well as James Baxter in a flashback).

Lara Pulver is Tetra’s voice.

Credit : Netflix

Sorceress Tetra Gilcrest, a descendant of the continent’s first magician, believes that magic is the connection between all things beautiful. When magic is not overused, she and her followers endeavor to maintain peace on the continent.”

The fascinating character is Tetra, who is portrayed in a new teaser. She played Irene Adler in Sherlock, so her voice may seem familiar. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you may also recognise her from Da Vinci’s Demons or The Alienist.

Lady Zerbst is played by Mary McDonnell

Credit : Netflix

In the Kaedwen court Lady Zerbst inherited her husband’s position on the advisory council upon his death. she became one of the King’s most trusted counselors and a staunch advocate of the witches.

Mary McDonnell, a Battlestar Galactica and Fargo veteran was said to be in talks for a part in a forthcoming season. A new voice actress for an upcoming anime film has been announced. Lady Zerbst seems like a fascinating character, and we’re eager to see what McDonnell offers to the part.

Deglan, voiced by Graham McTavish

Credit : Netflix

“Deglan was reared on the rough, unforgiving Skellige Isles and is the rugged warrior-leader of the witchers,” according to the official description. He is devoted to his “guys” and would go to any length to defend them.”

Graham McTavish, who starred in Outlander and The Hobbit, has joined the voice cast as Deglan and his role as spymaster Dijkstra in The Witcher’s second season.

According to how Deglan is portrayed, he will play a similar role in Vesemir’s tale as Vesemir does in Geralt’s – an older, wiser witcher who acts as an adopted father. Following his depiction of Dracula in Castlevania, McTavish’s second significant role is in a Netflix anime.

Deglan will also return in a flashback in the second season of The Witcher, where Tamer Hassan will portray him (Snatch, The Double).

Producer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and director Kwang Il Han co-produce the series. Beau DeMayo, who previously authored the Witcher live-action series, is in charge of writing and producing the program as well.

Credit : Netflix

The second season of the live-action Witcher series will premiere later this year, and it will feature the introduction of Vesemir, with fans expecting ties to Nightmare of the Wolf. The other characters in Nightmare of the Wolf are brand-new characters that have never appeared in any previous Witcher media.

Netflix is increasing the amount of Witcher content it produces, indicating that the relationship has paid off for the streaming giant. Another live-action prequel series is in the works and the second season of the main live-action series and this anime film.

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An in-world event known as the Conjunction of the Spheres is depicted in Blood Origin, which is set in the central Witcher universe. Michelle Yeoh stars as an elf swordswoman in Blood Origin, which will also explore the origins of the Witcher series.

We’re even more thrilled for this new chapter in the Witcher Cinematic Universe, which will be released on August 23. With several new characters joining Vesemir and a fantastic voice cast, we’re even more enthusiastic for this new entrance in the Witcher Cinematic Universe.

We would love to hear from you about the feedback. Also let us know how excited you are for the Witcher’s Anime film “Nightmare of the Wolf”. We will surely keep you updated about your interests for the Witcher.

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