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Disney Settles Black Widow Lawsuit With Scarlett Johansson with $40M

Disney Plus indeed settles a lengthy disputed lawsuit with legendary known Scarlett Johansson regarding the show black widow.

Scarlett Johansson reportedly made $40 million from Disney as part of the Black Widow lawsuit settlement, which is on top of her $20M salary.


There is a Disney Lawsuit from over a decade ago involving Scarlett Johansson. In this case, she was suing the Disney corporation for breach of contract and unfair employment practices. She ultimately dropped her suit, but her attorney fought the topic to the very end.

However, the controversy is now heated again as the Scarlett Johnsson dispute settled against Disney plus.

The Controversy

Scarlett Johansson Movies Characters As Hogwarts Houses Members
Credit – Marvel

A lot of the argument focused on her role in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise Disney produced. Here is the timeline of the lawsuit

In 1993, Mark O’Brien sent an e-mail to five Disney employees named Rebecca Prentiss, daughter of Disney Plus Historian Earl Smoot, asking if he could make an audio file of a deposition from one of their legal depositions.

A few days later, the lawsuit was filed and eventually won by Scarlett Johansson.

Things heated up shortly after that. In early 1994, attorneys agreed, and the case settled diffusion notice. This settlement included a confidentiality clause, which states that all information on the subject would remain confidential unless released to either the plaintiff or defendant.

After she settled the case, there was little legal action done. At the time, Smoot’s death was news, not only to Scarlett Johansson but also to Disney. Several weeks later, the company decided to reverse the policy and open the file.

$40 Million

Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow lawsuit settlement with Disney reportedly resulted in her making $40 million. 

Recent Controversy

Scarlett Johansson Movies Characters As Hogwarts Houses Members 2
Credit – Marvel

Despite the old controversy and lawsuit, Disney Didn’t improve a bit, and then afterward, Scarlett Johansson filed a new case against Disney Plus regarding the black widow movies.

Scarlett Johnsson, who is a renowned actor, initiated a lawsuit against Disney Plus. All this controversy is because of a contract signed between Disney Plus and Scarlett Johnsson.

In the contract, it was precisely mentioned that Disney plus would release black widow worldwide but Disney plus did specifically the opposite and unjustifiable for the viewers. According to the news, Scarlett Johnsson suffered a considerable loss of $50 million.

With being rightly said, that people stand with the truth, many actors stood by the side of Scarlett Johnsson and supported her in the lawsuit against Disney Plus.

Many included some documents with an oral note at the bottom saying, “Scarlett Johansson, must sue Disney Plus to get her share of money, as per the agreement between Disney and Scarlett Johnsson.”

It would be pertinent to mention that Disney plus has become an active habitant of doing injustice with fresh talent. Perhaps a lot of damage has been done to Scarlett Johnsson, but she finally settled this dispute with troubles in her head.

Disney Settles Black Widow Lawsuit With Scarlett Johansson
Disney Settles Black Widow Lawsuit With Scarlett Johansson


Though this was an example of Disney gone wild, the company did learn from its mistake. The 1999 litigation provided a blueprint for future suits and made predictions that Disney plus would do the same with the young and talented actors.

Since its downfall, there have been several lawsuits regarding the Disney culture, and the recent one between Disney plus and Scarlett Johnsson has now entirely settled.

Many of them centered on the production of movies and television shows that promoted wholesome values for children.

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