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Is Kento Nanami Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen? Was Nanami’s Death Necessary?

This article focuses on famous anime character Kento Nanami’s Death.

Historical Review About Kento Nanami

In the acclaimed anime movie of the same name, “Kano” (also referred to as “Kento”), the untimely death of a prominent Japanese cabinet minister causes the sudden demise of both the Japanese government and the heads of the three largest regional banks.

As the death rouses mass street celebrations (in what is generally considered to be a form of ritualistic killing), the powerful” clans” of Japan’s politics-interest groups in particular-seem to go out of their way to ensure the funeral for their fallen colleagues occurs as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

But when a mysterious serial killer starts targeting those same groups later in the series, causing a string of murders that span both regions of Japan and even spans the globe, it becomes clear that this ritualistic killing has no political or religious meaning at all.

Thus, the show’s multifaceted narrative comes to a crashing halt with the S&M-charged, time-consuming investigation that is the hallmark of Kento Nanami’s life and works.

Episode By Episode Briefing

Is Kento Nanami Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen 2

In the first episode of the anime series, a brief recap of events is conducted before the beginning of the movie to answer some important questions that the viewer may have about Kento Nanami’s life:

Why did she sacrifice herself for the sake of her family? Why was a simple, good-hearted man-nanny suddenly turned into a highly dangerous and powerful demon? Moreover, why were the powerful “clans” willing to sacrifice their leader and family member? These and many more questions form the basis of the thrilling, suspenseful, and gripping third episode of the anime, “Chiizeki.”

To gain a clearer insight into the unanswered questions of the previous episodes, “Chiiseki” goes into more detail about the motives of each of the leaders of the clans. They were sacrificed in the anime’s main plot.

The third main character, Shoko Nakamachi, adds more mystery to the already thrilling story. The mysterious figure of Shoko, wearing a long white dress and carrying a large knife, is the perfect candidate for the head of a very prestigious clan.

However, this man is more than what he appears to be: He is a master of the Jujutsu, or “Supreme Force” technique, one of the four arts taught by Master Kuchiki in the anime series. He quickly realizes that the only way to protect his daughter, Chiaki, from danger is to sacrifice him as well.


Is Kento Nanami Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen
Is Kento Nanami Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen

Now, the question that must be jumping in your mind must be whether Kento Nanami is dead or not. Well, the answer is a sad “Yes,” he died and left us all in utter shock and sadness.

However, one more question that prevails is that whether his death was needed or not?

Kento Nanami was a likable character in the anime series and was an inspiration for all of us, but he left in a forever regret Yuji. Kento was a kind human being who always used to help others out of his comfort zone.


Is Kento Nanami Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen

The answer to the question of whether the death was needed or not is “No” was not needed at all, as it may also affect the show’s viewership. However, Kento Nanami’s Spirit will be kind and humble to Yuji and other characters in the show.

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