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Infinity Stones Gets wasted by Thanos Plan as revealed by MCU

Infinity Stones, a much popular series, gets completely wasted by Thanos plan in the MCU.


The MCU Reveals – Thanos is the big bad guy of the Marvel Universe and is featured in the upcoming movie, The Infinity War, much controversial with Infinity Stones.

In the comics, he’s been a nemesis to the Avengers and has also been a long time friend of Iron Man. He is the bad guy that Tony Stark recruits into the Avengers team.

Thanos was an escaped former scientist turned into one who made himself the head of a robotic organization called The Order.

Dark Reveals

Infinity Stones Gets wasted by Thanos Plan as revealed by MCU
Credit – Marvel

The MCU reveals reveal Thanos is obsessed with collecting powerful gems from different planets.

The Infinity Stones are like the power of gems, and Thanos would buy any gem he came across to have more. That is why he goes after the most valuable gems in the comics and tries to steal them.

It would seem that he wants to rule the universe, but Thanos needs the gems to do that.

In the movie, it has stated that he plans to capture the gems for himself.

Thanos was also trying to prevent the Infinity War, i.e. “much controversially known by Infinity stones”, by getting the gems and destroying the Avengers Tower and deflecting the Kree’arians from stealing the gems for him.

Thanos was under the control of the Enchantress, and she made him promise to help steal the gems. However, he was not willing to do that, not even when confronted with his authentic voice.

The Enchantress made a deal with Quicksilver to steal the gems if he helped her steal them.

Quicks thought it was a good deal, but instead of the gems going to him, they went to Scarlet Witch.

Infinity Stones Gets wasted by Thanos Plan as revealed by MCU
Credit – Marvel

The Enchantress then made Infinity stone’s known actor Thanos a magical stone.

He started using that stone as a way to make himself feel good, so he could fall in love with anyone he wanted to.

The Avengers became involved in the Infinity stones, battling against the Kree and the Avengers.

The Avengers’ movie was composed of many characters, including Thor, Vision, Wasp, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and The Hulk.

The Infinity Stones became Thanos’s ultimate weapon, as he used those infinity stones to make himself more powerful than any man or woman ever imagined.

Thanos’s goal was to gather the six stones, i.e. the infinity stones and bring them into his custody, control them, and use them for his benefit.

The MCU started filming after Age of Ultron and the end of The Avengers. There were rumours that The Avengers and Iron Man would join the MCU during this time, but nothing came about.

It was later revealed that The Avengers was going to film at the same time as the MCU.

The MCU actors have also been confirmed to appear in the next Captain America movie, shooting in July.

The MCU leaks are part of a Hollywood secret meant to tease the next phase of the Avengers movie.

Infinity Stones Gets wasted by Thanos Plan as revealed by MCU
Credit – Marvel

Final Conclusion

There have been many speculation and fan theories that Thanos plans were to collect the six stones among the infinity stones and merge them into one entity, using his powers, i.e. Thanos powers to make everyone in the Avengers’ team super strong.

It is thereby evident that Infinity stones were spoiled and misused by Thanos powers.

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