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The Witcher Season 2 Is Copying A Game Of Thrones Character Trick

Tricks have beenplayed by the witcher season 2 to copy the prominent characters of Game of Throne, i.e. Nivellen.


The first part of the Witcher series, The Witcher, could have been called Game of Throne. Yes, it was based on the hit HBO TV show and its second season premiere attracted millions of fans worldwide.

But the twist in the game will now be revealed as some of the major characters have been used in witcher season 2 as a false trick.

Unfolded Facts

Kristofer Hivju's character in Witcher Season 2 gets poked by Henry Cavill
Kristofer Hivju’s character in Witcher Season 2 gets poked by Henry Cavill

The second season of The Witcher, i.e. witcher season 2, focused on the struggle of humans against evil. The first part saw the introduction of new characters, most notably the Red Woman, a skilled assassin who had gained the loyalty of the humans and refused to spill over into the elves or the humans.

Although she started as an ally of the new main protagonist, the second half of the season revealed more about her past, revealing the reasons for her loyalties. We also have to learn more about the dark magic behind the White witch and the Swords of Val Roye.

The story played out similar to that of the first part of the game, where the main protagonist had to escape from the castle. He had to find help and enter into a scary world where magic and creatures roamed free.

Although the second half featured new players, the plot remained the same as the first part. The good people had to save the final fantasy world from the dragon, who still resides in the Ice Mountains.

During the game, the first PC was to get inside the Ice Cave and defeat the creature. The game gave us some new and exciting locations, such as Glacial Lake, an underground cave with a lake leading to it. It will probably be a part of the next part of the game as well.

The team did not change the graphics; they improved extensively according to the fans’ expectations. The created the scenes even better and more realistic for the trailers we saw.

Tricks Played During the Copying

9 Most Prominent Questions From the Witcher Season 2 Teaser
9 Most Prominent Questions From the Witcher Season 2 Teaser

Some tricks have been copied by witcher season 2; I can summarize such tricks below-

1. Tormund

The first trick consists of copying some of the famous and renowned characters of a game of thrones. The character is named Tormund. It is seen in the pics that his appearance as a beast has been copied in Witcher Season 2 on Nivellen.

The social media sensation has been active in concluding that witcher season 2 extensively copied Tormund’s Style and nature.

2. Clips

The second trick is an extension of the first trick. The clip is evidence of a prominent trick that has been played by Witcher Season 2.

In the clip, it can be seen how greatly the character of Tormund has been copied.

3. The Relationship

The third trick consists of some solid and loyal relationship that was gardened in the game of thrones.

It is said that the relationship between Tormund and Jon has been copied immensely in the witcher season 2 as the bond between Geralt and Nivellen tends to portray on the same notes.


9 Most Prominent Questions From the Witcher Season 2 Teaser
9 Most Prominent Questions From the Witcher Season 2 Teaser

The writers did an excellent job of making the second part, i.e. witcher season 2, as exciting as the first. I am sure that fans of the first part will appreciate the change and enjoy playing the game as much as the first.

The developers did a great job of merging the first part with the second part, i.e. witcher season 2, to create something unique. Nevertheless, the tricks remain in question as to there was any primary need for those tricks or not?

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