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Kristofer Hivju’s character in Witcher Season 2 gets poked by Henry Cavill.

Kristofer Hivju character in witcher season 2 gets hilariously trolled by Henry Cavill.


We are well versed with the witcher season 2 and the controversies attached to it. But now the actors are getting poked by co-actors and other staff.

In Witcher Season 2, Kristofer Hivjus finally is poked by Henry Cavill’s sword. This is the first we have seen of Kristofer Hivju and his wife, Emmelie.

This article will emphasize Kristofer Hivju getting trolled and poked by Henry Cavill.

All about Kristofer Hivju

9 Most Prominent Questions From the Witcher Season 2 Teaser
9 Most Prominent Questions From the Witcher Season 2 Teaser

It looks like they, i.e. Kristofer Hivju and wife Emmelie, are getting better at swordsmanship and getting more familiar with each other.

The two even exchange martial arts poses while embracing. No sooner does Henry get into trouble than he comes to rescue his friend Emmelie from a group of hooded figures.

When he realizes what has happened, he flees the scene, but not before giving Henry a map that leads them to their next target.

Meanwhile, another member of the group, Folt Loch, has gone missing. It seems that her throat has been slit, and she has been taken, hostage. Fortunately, a woman named Maeve comes to save the day.

She recognizes Folt as the man who killed her husband, so she uses the dagger he was carrying to help her kill Henry before she is herself killed.

Meanwhile, back at home in Vizio, Noah remains busy changing his name. When he goes to get Carl, he realizes that his real name is Gustav. He then promptly leaves, but not before placing a note for Carl to find him at any cost.

9 Most Prominent Questions From the Witcher Season 2 Teaser
9 Most Prominent Questions From the Witcher Season 2 Teaser

Naturally, Carl does just that and finds himself right where he needs to be: at work.

Then, after working for some time in the gold market, Noah gets a visitor who introduces him to Count Dracula. At first, the older man does not notice him but soon realizes that Noah has been studying his methods.

After some persuasion, Dracula lets him meet his daughter, Elisabet.

When he learns that a vampire trainer trained her, he gets anxious. As it turns out, however, she is a sorceress named Nada.

After gaining some more experience, you will be able to choose between protecting humanity or getting ready to destroy it. The two paths in the game result in different outcomes.

In the defence path, your goal is to protect humanity and a special girl named Elena. Meanwhile, the evil path sees you killing everyone in sight and seeking to gain unlimited power over time.

The Controversy

After finally scrutinizing the series, it is essential to relate closely to the controversy associated with Kristofer Hivju.

The controversy is entirely related to the intense character that Kristofer Hivju is playing in witcher season 2.

Although there is no such problem with the character, Henry Cavill still found a perfect way of trolling Kristofer Hivju through his Instagram post. He can be primarily seen in poking Kristofer and his beasty looks.

The Instagram post was not enough. Henry also shared some clips in which his friendship with Nivellan, i.e. Kristofer Hivju, was highlighted intensely.

That post got showcased on the internet, and then the rest is history. We know what bright personality Henry Cavill holds in society. This post might be in fun language and not majorly targeting Kristofer Hivju.


The Witcher Season 2 Image Shows Geralt Ready For Battle
Credit – Netflix

So what are you waiting for? If you enjoyed the first game, this one is definitely for you. It also comes with the excellent ‘Shadows of the Castle’ video collection. For more information about the game, visit the official website. You can also read our review of the game.

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