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Disney+ – Hocus Pocus 2 : Cast, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

The Hocus Pocus remake has been in the works for what feels like a generation, but it will almost certainly debut on Disney Plus.

Disney revealed the exciting news during a whirlwind of updates for the Investor Day presentation in December 2020, but no other details were provided except for the fact that it will be managed by Hairspray’s Adam Shankman.

We know nothing about the Hocus Pocus 2 Sanderson Sisters’ regeneration, but what you need to know is there.

Cast of Hocus Pocus 2

Disney+ Hocus Pocus 2 Cast, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know
Credit – Disney

No one knew what form the sequel would take when it was first released in the autumn of 2019. In reality, some speculated that the film will be a complete reboot rather than a delayed sequel.

At the same time, it was revealed that Workaholics co-producer and writer Jen D’Angelo was in negotiations to write the screenplay, with said aim of reconciling the three original actors.

Now it seems to be going on. She, Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Sanderson) and Cathy Najimy (Sanderson), will all take up the roles of Sanderson’s Sisters in the sequel to Winnie Sanderson’s first Hocus Pacus movie. She’ll be back in the following sequence.

Midler said that they want to make a film and wondered if we were interested in it. Of course, we all said yes. They are in. They are completely in.

Disney+ Hocus Pocus 2 Cast, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know
Credit – Disney

As previously stated, Adam Shankman will direct Hocus Pocus 2. He is best known for his film adaptation of Hairspray, but he is also working on an Enchanted sequel named Disenchanted.

This means that Kenny Ortega, the original director of Hocus Pocus, will not be returning. He told Digital Spy that he has not been asked to be a part of the movie.

“It appears that a sequel is in the works, and it appears that it will be directed by someone else,” he said. “I wish all the best of luck in their endeavours. Regardless of how they proceed, I hope it is as enjoyable and fruitful for them as it has been for us.”

Doug Jones had inacted as Billy Butcherson and is considered to be a strong contender. “I am just going to keep my knees bent and be ready in case they call,” he said.

Hocus Pocus 2 release date

Disney+ Hocus Pocus 2 Cast, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know
Credit – Disney

Hocus Pocus 2 has been confirmed by Disney, but there is no news about when the series, which will be available exclusively on Disney+, will be released.

“They sent the script and we’re really excited about it – we’re up for it,” Midler said in February 2021, suggesting that she had seen the sequel’s script. The release date of Halloween 2021 looks to be too young, so we will have to wait until October 2022. However, despite being a Halloween favourite, the first film was released in July, so the sequel does not arrive in October.

For the time being, you can fill your witchy void by watching the original on Amazon Prime or Disney+.

What would the plot of Hocus Pocus 2 be?

Disney+ Hocus Pocus 2 Cast, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know
Credit – Disney

We do not know what the sequel will be about, but the first film set the stage for a sort of comeback… We were unable to save ourselves.

The first film starts in 1693, when three witches are apprehended and executed for practising witchcraft by the citizens of Salem. Three hundred years later, on Halloween, they vow and return to Salem to demand their revenge before they die. Max, a pessimistic Californian freshly replanted, visits the ruins of the house of the famous Witches and dares three centuries later to manifest themselves. Max disregards his sister’s and girlfriend’s advice and lights the Candle of Black Flame.

The witches reappeared, ready to wreak havoc on the area. With the witches’ spell book in hand, the children flee. The magicians have to procure the books by all means, since they will die in the morning sun until they recite the incantation to immortality. The movie ends with the magic book winking its eye, indicating that it is still alive and that the witches can return…

The stars haven’t given us any further information about the plot of the sequel, but Midler did tease that the original cast was inspired with what Disney had come up with when it was pitched to them.

“They gave us an outline, and after we got ourselves off the floor because it had been 27 years,” she said, “we looked at it and I think we all decided that it was pretty awesome.” The film sequel is perhaps inspired by the sequence of books which was recorded 25 years after the film. The Sanderson Sisters were accidentally awakened by Max and Allison’s daughter Poppy, leading to a new evil plan from the trio.

Where is the trailer from Hocus Pocus 2 going online?

Disney+ Hocus Pocus 2 Cast, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know
Credit – Disney

For Disney+ streaming, Hocus Pocus is now open! If you do not have a subscription, you can borrow or order movies on Prime Videos, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play or other on-demand streaming providers. In addition, the network’s renowned “31 Nights of Halloween” event, Hocus Pocus will broadcast on Freeform throughout the month.

We have to wait for the confirmation on the Hocus Pocus 2 release date and the sequel has not started filming since we’re very far from a date for the trailer.

Keep your eyes peeled as they come out, for updates.

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