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Disney+ Loki TV Show: Fans praise Agent Mobius and Loki Marvel Character in the new time travel mystery.

Along with Disney+’s Loki TV show’s premiere this week, the fan reactions to the time travel mystery are also out now. Following the footsteps of WandaVision and the Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki also takes you on a journey to look into the life of an MCU character who hasn’t been completely explored unlike Captain America, Thor or Iron Man.

Disney+’s Loki TV show features an unseen version of Loki

Known as the God of mischief, Loki will lead this new Disney plus show. The show will revolve around the unseen version of Loki, different from the one we have seen in Thor movies and the rest of the movies he appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Disney plus’s Loki TV show is going to be an adventure of this new version of Loki created in Avengers: Endgame during the time heist, the one who steals the tesseract and escapes during the battle of New York (2012). This led to the creation of an alternate timeline and in this timeline, Loki is captured by the time variance authority who is responsible for keeping the timeline intact.

What has the Time Variance Authority planned for Loki Marvel character?

When Loki arrives in that alternate timeline he is arrested by time variance authority for the crime of messing up the timeline and creating a new version of himself. However, the time variance authority thinks of it as an opportunity as they have a bigger problem to deal with.

 An unknown enemy is trying to mess up with MCU’s timeline and TVA’s Agent Mobius recruit Loki to help them catch that enemy. As we know the God of mischief can be very resourceful and most likely TVA’s best shot at catching the culprit. He might be a handful but he is the best at what he does.

Release Date of Disney+’s Loki TV show

In contrast with the studio’s usual Friday releases, the Loki TV show is all set to air on Disney plus this Wednesday, June 9th. With the release date coming close, the sanction has now ripped off for those fans who have already watched the first episode and are welcome to share their initial reactions and thoughts to this time travel mystery.

Without any doubt, the buzz for the Loki series has been very impressive given the popularity of the Loki Marvel character and its portrayal by Tom Hiddleston. Also, with the makers dropping funny and frenzied trailers quite regularly, this was supposed to happen.

Positive initial reactions for Disney+’s Loki series, Fans loved Loki-Wilson Duo

With all the initial reactions, it was pretty clear that fans loved the show and praised Loki aka Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson aka Agent Mobius for their performances. According to the reactions, fans loved Loki and Mobius’s chemistry and would love to see them together for several seasons. Fans even said that the show has a little Rick and Morty vibe and that Loki marvel character has found his match on-screen with Wilson’s Mobius.

Even though MCU’s time travel rules and explanations are still pretty questionable to fans, but they are hoping that this mystery will lead to something bigger and give more detail since they found the Time Variance Authority a little weird.

Loki Could Give Rise To Three Villains In MCU Phase 4
Credit – Marvel

Fans found the show exciting funny engaging and whatnot. Seeing Loki revel in his role was quite fun for the audience. Not only Loki but Owen Wilson was also super fun and delightful. Fans loved how the Marvel Universe is expanding in a new direction. Moreover watching our mischievous God juggling between doing the right thing and working his own ends is quite entertaining.

While some viewers are still not clear about Marvel’s time travel rules, some actually liked how Marvel’s managed to explain time travel in such a way that cleared their doubts and also allowed the fans to enjoy and accept the theory. Overall fans loved the Loki TV show and they found this new adventure of Loki quite entertaining and intriguing.

Disney+’s Loki is the key to opening the multiverse

All these early reactions are proof that Marvel creates the best content and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone given Marvel’s successful history. Plus, the brilliant performances given by the actors are equally entitled to the compliments. Though this isn’t Tom Hiddleston first time as Loki, these reactions are evidence that he’s in his best form and his bromance with Wilson is excellent as the audience compared them with similar famous duos including Men in Black, Rick and Morty, the Good Place and many more.

By the looks of the initial reactions, The God of Mischief working with the time police officer is definitely the highlight of the show. Along WandaVision, Loki will also play a major part in introducing the multiverse.

Now that MCU is introducing the Time Variants – different versions of already existing characters from alternate timelines are going to be the main theme for leading into upcoming multiverse projects and these reactions suggest that Loki will be the key to properly introducing the multiverse.

Though Endgame introduced time travel, it was pretty messy and contradicting in many ways. But the Loki TV show is doing a much better job at explaining the time travel thing. The layer of mystery seen in Loki is crucial to know where is the Marvel Cinematic Universe headed next. That’s why we hope that the rest of the series will be as promising as the first episodes.

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