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Dwayne Johnson’s phone call Made Black Adam the Solo Movie Happen!

Dwayne Johnson is a celebrated name in Hollywood, the impact of which can be seen in his projects like the Black Adam movie happening due to his one phone call. 

Dwayne Johnson debut in DCEU was supposed to happen in 2019’s Shazam! But with the power of his name, he convinced DC to get Black Adam his solo origin movie. Johnson has been eager to play the role of Black Adam since 2014 and has been vocal about his attachment to the character. 

The solo movie is about to release soon, and Dwayne Johnson’s dream of portraying Black Adam on the screen will come true. His co-stars in the film include Aldis Hodge, Sarah Shahi, Noah Centineo, Quintessa Swindell, Marwan Kenzari, Pierce Brosnan, and Bodhi Sabongui.

When Shazam! was being made, it was supposed to be an origin story movie for both- Shazam, played by Zachary Levi, and Dwayne Johnson antihero Black Adam. But there was much delay in making the movie because of multiple rewrites of the script because a story that could introduce both the characters somewhat was a difficult task to achieve. 

However, after rewriting and delaying the movie’s release, Dwayne Johnson decided to intervene and convince the writers about giving the characters solo movies to avoid confusion and give them a proper get-set-go.

The interview of Dwayne Johnson and the details of his call

The interview of Dwayne Johnson and the details of his call (1)
Source DC

According to, Dwayne Johnson phone call made the solo movie of Black Adam happen. The film’s Writers understood that the only way to give the DC comic book characters some justice is through solo cinema, where they can be introduced separately and with caution. 

In Dwayne Johnson’s phone call with the producers- Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia, Johnson explained how he thought everyone would benefit from solo movies.

The conversation went on like this:

The conversation went on like this
Source DC

“The original plan, maybe five or six years ago, I think, was to tell the two origin stories of Shazam! and Black Adam in the same movie. That’s what we had worked on. The script was delivered. When we all read the script, I immediately felt like, ‘We have to separate these two movies. We have to honor Shazam! and origin story and what that is and what that can be for the fans, and then we also have to tell our story, too, as well.’ I think in separating them, with the majority of the world not knowing who Black Adam is if you weren’t a serious comic book fan, it was important, I think to separate them and tell each story respectively.”

“I got a phone call very early in the morning from Dwayne Johnson, which is always very intimidating,” Flynn said. “He called Hiram and me, and he just said, ‘Brothers,” he said, “We’re going to make Black Adam, and we’re going to tell this story. It’s so big and important,’ and that was it.”

We cannot disregard the fact that all the concerns of Johnson regarding his character might have been correct because if both Shazam and Black Adam had been introduced in one movie, it would result in confusion and disappointment. Two different films give each character a fair chance to showcase their potential and skills. 

Historically, many movies have run into issues when introducing too many characters in one film, too much content in too little time. 

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Shazam! For the most part, he seems to be a fun and whimsical character; Black Adam appears to be in a much darker mode. It might have resulted in chaos, and the balance in the two separate movies might be right. 


Conclusion June 11
Source DC

Dwayne, the Rock Johnson, is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s most talented and recognized actors and is loved for his roles worldwide. Due to all the reasons stated above, it was a given that if he called the makers of Black Adam personally, they would have to consider his idea seriously. 

Black Adam‘s solo movie has been the dream project of Dwayne Johnson for all these years. Given his admiration for the character, it is going to be one of his lifetime achievements, undoubtedly.

Considering all this, it is sure that he is protective of his character and thus went an extra mile to ensure that he, Black Adam, gets a solo sequel. He has been personally endorsing the movie in every way he can, aiming to give the audience an epic film to witness. 

Both fans and Dwayne Johnson are excited about the release, and hopefully, it will go accordingly. 

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