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When will Black Adam trailer Release? Confirmed by Dwayne Johnson Trailer Release Date

Dwayne, the Rock Johnson, has announced on his social media handle the release of the first official Black Adam trailer of DC a few weeks prior. 

Dwayne Johnson has revealed when the first trailer for Black Adam will be released officially, he gave that information on his personal Instagram account. Black Adam is a spinoff of the film ‘Shazam.’

The latest addition of Dwayne Johnson in the DCEU playing the Black Adam was anticipated as Dwayne was very vocal about his role in the series. He will be seen playing the role of anti-hero in the DC world. The future of DC is also filled with other capable characters like Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher, who are all set to introduce the ‘Justice Society of America’ into DCEU. 

Johnson is very proud of his accomplishment as the actor playing the role of Black Adam. He loves his character deeply, which was ultimately a PR blessing for the franchise as he promotes the movie personally. He has put more energy into marketing the character than most actors. 

Black Adam Trailer Release Date according to Dwayne Johnson?

Black Adam Trailer Release Date according to Dwayne Johnson
Source by Marvel

Black Adam’s titular character, played by Dwayne Johnson, who is evidently is very excited about the DC comics book-based movie and therefore has taken it to Instagram about when the film’s first official trailer will be released. 

Alongside a black and white picture of himself in the costume of Black Adam, he is sitting on steps of ‘the throne.’ The Rock has announced the date for the trailer release of his next project. 

The trailer will be released on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. 

What is the storyline of the movie?

The movie will give a depth to the anti-hero ‘Teth-Adam,’ as he becomes king of Kahndaq and takes on the moniker The Black Adam. Zachary Levi’s Shazam and Dwayne Johnson’s Adam’s powers resemble each other. However, their paths are not meant to be crossed just now.  

What were the reasons for the delay in the release? 

What were the reasons for the delay in the release
Source by Marvel

Black Adam had to face delays in release multiple times due to COVID-19, technical factors, etc. It was originally going to premiere in theatres on July 29, 2022. Then the movie had to face a pushback due to VFX issues, after which the date was set for October 21, 2022. 

Dwayne Johnson’s other DC project- the ‘animated’ DC League of Super-Pets, finalized its release date in July. At the same time, the Black Adam teaser had already given some glimpses of the movie. 

The Black Adam trailer will show that the movie will be another action-packed thriller from DC. Now that they should have resolved their VFX issue, the fans are anticipating more teasers and trailers for the franchise in time before the movie releases. 

The new trailer will show Dwayne Johnson Black Adam and give audiences some context as to what the actual storyline might revolve around and what or who will be the film’s main problem. There are high hopes for both Justice Society and Dwayne Johnson’s role. 

Other projects in DC that are around the corner

When will Black Adam trailer Release confirmed by Black Adam Trailer Release Date
Source by Marvel

The day before the first preview screenings of ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ is set to commence, the day the Black Adam trailer is set to release. Warner Bros. might want the trailer for Black Adam to be attached to the dinosaur film, which has already raised their hopes for the highest opening weekend of 2022. 

Warner Bros. is planning a long shot; they are releasing the trailer before releasing many 2022 hits, as they can play in front of many summer movies that are likely to do well for themselves, like Thor: Love and Thunder. They might be planning this to give some breathing space to the character as it is new; it could prove to be a good marketing strategy. 

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Although there is still no news about DC’s package of movies or series appearing for Comic-Con 2022, there are anticipations that Warner Bros. might release another Black Adam trailer or Black Adam teaser to hype the fans at Comic-Con. 

While the date for the release of Dwayne Johnson Black Adam is set for late October, there will still be enough time for DC to make other marketing and PR moves for the film. 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods- is set to release two months after the Black Adam. The two characters are interconnected, which will make Warner Bros. marketing either much more manageable or far more complex. It is to wait and see if and how the two projects might affect each other. 


Black Adam Trailer Release Date according to Dwayne Johnson
Source by Marvel

Although the audience was disheartened to know that instead of four action-packed movies in 2022, DC will release only three, the next movie of Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam, has been shifted to October 21, 2022. When Warner Bros. announced this news, it was quite a shock for the fans, and hence there was a disappointment, but DC will make up for that with its live-action movies that are still to come out.

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