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4 Years Later Hunter X Hunter Manga is Finally Back!

Draw! Aim! Shoot!  Hunter x Hunter manga is set for a return after a four-year break.

In some breaking news, Hunter x Hunter manga is coming back after four years as fans heap up in celebrations. The popular Shonen series, which has been going on since 1998, ended abruptly in 2018. This stalling left fans saddened and disappointed, but we have some official news from the writer after four years.

Hunter x Hunter follows the story of protagonist Gon Freecss and his journey to becoming a professional Hunter and reuniting with his father, a famed Hunter himself.

The anime series is also massively popular, and it’s second on the list by IMDB for “Top 10 Animes of the Decade”. It’s also rated 9/10 on MyAnimeList.

Hunter x Hunter New Manga Update

_Hunter x Hunter New Manga Update
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Creator of Hunter x Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi, has tweeted various illustrated panels for the Hunter x Hunter new manga over the last few days. As of writing, Togashi has tweeted five times with pictures of the upcoming manga.

His first tweeted on 24th May 2022, with a sneak peek of the new manga containing a sketch with a page number labelled “6”. The tweet had a caption stating “4 more to go”, indicating four new chapters in the writing phase. It has more than 1.4 million Likes and 518k quote tweets as of writing.

His second and third tweets came on 26th May 2022, with an illustration of what looks like a Tree and another drawing page marked as “7” and the word Hunter inscribed below.

The final two tweets were tweeted on 27th May 2022, with two more drawing sheets marked as “8” and “9”.

Yoshiro Togashi created his Twitter account on 23rd May 2022, and within three days, he got more than two million followers. As of writing, he has 2.3 million, which makes him the second most followed Manga artist behind Kohei Horikoshi of My Hero Academia.

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That’s some motivation for a mangaka who was missing for four years but still has a massive backing for his writings.

 At first, the Twitter account was reported to be fake, but later One-Piece s’ creator Yusuke Murata confirmed that it was indeed Yoshiro Togashi behind the account.

Why did Hunter x Hunter Manga Stop?

Why did Hunter x Hunter Manga Stop
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The manga’s first chapter was released way back on 4th June 1998, and it has been regularly serialized on Weekly Shonen Jump. The final chapter, “375: Persuasion”, was released on 4th October 2018, after which Yoshiro Togashi took a long hiatus.

His last ten chapters, i.e., from 380 to 390, still need to be corroborated into volumes.

The constant delay in Hunter x Hunter Manga New Chapters is due to the writer’s health. Yoshiro Togashi, aged 56, was hospitalized between 2015-2016 due to back pain while writing Yu Yu Hakusho. It’s understandable with the nature of his work and how common all mangakas go through it.

The stress of continuous production of new manga content by studios ultimately broke Yoshiro down, and since then, he has been away for three years.

He also made some statements regarding the high taxes he had paid from his paycheck. He claimed that more than 70% were deducted as tax, i.e., a 14 hours wage cut from a 20-hour workday. These claims look dubious and inflated as the tax is almost 45% even if the production company takes an amount.

It’s unlikely that a successful mangaka like Yoshiro Togashi, who has sold more than 80 million copies of the manga and the Anime rated 10/10 on MyAnimeList, will be nit-picking about tax percentages.

His wife Naoko Takeuchi is also an author with popular writings such as Sailor Moon. She also comes from a well to do family who has their own jewellery business. Thus, one can assume money cannot be a reason for a 4-year break by Yoshiro Togashi.

What can be the Hunter x Hunter New Manga release date?

What can be the Hunter x Hunter New Manga release date
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Early days to predict, as the news of the writer resuming work broke a few days back. As of writing, there is no detail available on Hunter x Hunter’s new manga release date.

 But with Yoshiro now having a Twitter account, his progress will be easier to track, and with some stability in writing, a release date can be predicted.

Yoshiro Togashi is notorious for taking indefinite breaks between chapters, making it even harder to speculate a release date for new manga chapters.

He also comically said, “Either I will complete the manga or be dead trying”, to which his wife replied, “Please don’t die. I love your energy”.

You can the find details of the Days of hiatus between writing below:

Hiatus Time  Year
84 weeks2006-2007
9 weeks2008
19 weeks2008
23 weeks2009-2010
59 weeks2010-2011
35 weeks2012
75 weeks2013-2014
85 weeks2015-2016
49 weeks2016-2017
19 weeks2017-2018
23 weeks2018
285 weeks2018-2022

One can see why it’s hard to predict any release date, considering Yoshiro s’ hiatus accounts for roughly 14 years. Funnily enough, it’s easier to predict his subsequent hiatus than a new release.                            

Is Hunter x Hunter new Anime coming out?

Is Hunter x Hunter new Anime coming out
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Hiroshi Kōjina directed the Hunter x Hunter Anime, and it aired from 2nd October 2011 to 24th September 2014. It was produced by There were 148 episodes released covering six arcs till chapter 339, titled “Stillness” from the manga.

With only 41 chapters left, it’s improbable that Hunter x Hunter’s new Anime will come out anytime soon. We have to wait for Yoshiro Togashi to write more Hunter x Hunter new manga chapters before an anime adaption occurs.

Hunter x Hunter Cast, character and Crew

Hunter x Hunter Cast, character and Crew
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Hunter x Hunter is produced by Maruyama Masao and adapted by Nippon Animation. Chiaki Yamada is the sound director while Takahiko Abiru is the animation director.

The voice cast details is as follows:

Character  Voiced by
GonMegumi Han
KurapikaMiyuki Sawashiro
KilluaMariya Ise
HisokaNamikawa Daisuke
MereumKouki Uchiyama
ChrolloMamouro Miyano
NeteroBanjour Ginga


4 Years Later Hunter X Hunter Manga is Finally Back CONCLUSION
Source by Anime

If there is ‘an eagerly waiting award’, fans of Hunter x Hunter have first dibs on it. Nevertheless, it’s good to know Yoshiro Togashi is doing well and has started writing new content for the manga. Hopefully, this time he will complete it without any delays.

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